What We Do to Stay Accountable in The Gym

What We Do to Stay Accountable in The Gym
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. No matter how many motivational photos and quotes you see, you still can’t get your toosh off the couch and into a gym. Sound familiar? Sure the idea of getting FitazFK seems grand, but unless you’re feeling it, you ain’t going nowhere. Lucky for you we’ve been there, done that - and with these handy (hush-hush) tips, we’re certain that you’ll not only up your fitness game but stay accountable in the gym, too. The only question remaining is: how soon do we start?
Have a Game Plan
Great, you’ve made it to the gym. Now, what’s the plan? Don’t just pick and choose your workouts or “treadmill for a bit” and “maybe some weights after”. Failing to plan your gym sesh is planning to fail. You need a structured routine, otherwise, you’re forced to have a new idea every time you work out (and that’s bloody exhausting). When you follow a fitness guide, you’re automatically holding yourself accountable to something - and for long enough so that it actually becomes a habit. Think of a fitness guide like your own pocket Personal Trainer, it tells you exactly what to eat, what exercises to do, and for how long to do them for. More importantly, a fitness guide will keep you on track to achieve your goals.
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Fitness Rewards Program
When it comes to smashing your goals, it’s not the destination but the journey that counts. To ensure you’re reaching certain goals, it’s wise to set up a little rewards program to keep you on the right path. Whether you want to lose 5kgs, tone up or eat healthier, setting up sizeable goals along the way - and rewarding yourself - is another way of staying accountable. Worked out the whole week? Fking legend! Now, treat yourself - whether it be a relaxing massage, a new dress, or even a weekend away!
Take Photos Every. Single. Week
We hate to point out the obvious, but the first half of “accountability” is to ACCOUNT. Now, whether you want to keep track of your fitness journey or not, that’s up to you - but we highly recommend taking progress photos! Why? The numbers on the scale can be deceiving, but a photo in those jeans you didn’t think were going to fit, won’t lie. Also, it’s visual, so it can physically show the difference in your shape and size. Sure, it’s daunting, but once you’ve got the first few out of the way it’s extremely motivating and encouraging.
P.S. Heard of FITSNAP? This nifty free app lets you create motivational images of your exercise with overlaid text to describe the move you’re doing, how far you’ve run or how long you’ve been working out. The post then sends the photo to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to inspire others - and of course, yourself!
Share Your Goals on Social
We know the world of Social Media can be daunting, cruel, and a totally negative biatch! But, it can also be a praising, wonderful, and a supportive place too. Ignore the mean girls, and embrace the cheerleading squad! Posting your progress shots on S.M can be a driving tool to hold yourself accountable and help you stay on track. Moreover, your followers are your friends and family - their messages of love and support can be your guiding force and motivation. A report done at the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School for Communication found that support on social media platforms motivates people to get out and workout more! So, what are you waiting for? Post that squat sesh!
Find a Workout Buddy
Sure, you may be the type of person who prefers working out solo (all hails to you), but for those who need a little push in the motivational department, this one's for you. Having a “we’re in this together” buddy (or even a group) will not only keep you on track but reinforced accountability. You’ll be less likely to hit the snooze button or head straight home after work if you know you’re leaving your workout buddy in the dark. Also, having a buddy who has the same goals as you means you have someone to share your journey with. Just be sure to find a friend who’s as committed as you are!
Exercise Isn’t Just About How You Look
Did you know that working out for just 30 minutes a few times a week can instantly boost your overall mood? Getting Fitaz FK isn’t just about changing your physical appearance, it’s also about changing your life from the inside out. Your happiness, your energy levels, and your health are the most important factors you should be considering when entering a fitness journey. When exercise is all about how you look (and less about how you feel), you’re more likely to fall short of your expectations. The moment you stop working out as a way to change how you look (hey, sick-pack abs) and focus more on your wellbeing -  is when you’ll become more motivated!