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Annalise's Transformation

First 8 week challenge DONE ✅💪

I was 10months postpartum feeling sluggish, tired, unhappy, uncomfortable & drained after exclusively pumping breast milk to feed my baby who wouldn’t latch, I wasn’t exercising or nourishing my body. I told myself once I stopped breast feeding I was going to COMMIT to something for ME before I saw this year out! That something was this Transform level 1!

Looking at my body in the mirror directly I don’t see much change, but comparing the photos & putting on all of my old clothes again & feeling they are ‘loose’ I can see how far I have come! WOW! 7kg GONE! 32 workouts completed & lots & lots of nourishing but delicious foods! I feel stronger, happier, healthier & I have more energy not just for ME but for my now 1 year old! I am so PROUD I committed to this & I actually want to start a second challenge after a break over Xmas & work on toning up my body & dropping a few more KG. 💪💪💪💪

Kelsey's Transformation

This is my third time attempting Transform, but the first time I’ve gotten this far (going into week 4). I’ve struggled so much after having two little girls back to back and going from being a marathon runner in a vegan lifestyle to zero movement and eating whatever was close/convenient.

This time has been different and I got past the initial struggle of routine of it, and though my workouts are interrupted and often joined by my 1 year old trying to climb on me lol, I feel so good and every single day I look forward to my workouts

Feeling so grateful and like a new person after 4 years straight of breastfeeding and two pregnancies. I can’t say how much this program has helped me return to myself. Left is when I started Transform the first time, left is yesterday (and I still have half the program left!!)

Olivia's Transformation

I'm so thankful for fitazfk. It is coming up to one whole year of doing fitaz. When I joined last Jan, I told myself I'd give it a go, see if it sticks, but I didn't have much confidence in myself that it would. I was never a gym person, I wanted to be able to run but was too embarrassed because I was so unfit. I had no energy, a tired mum who constantly snacked unstead of prioritising my own health. A year later, I work out 6-7 days because I want to, I'm running, I have more energy to play with my kids. And I love my body again! 🥰

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Kelly's Transformation

I lost more than 30 pounds. I also lost evening brain fog and insomnia. When you push your body during the day you sleep like a baby at night ❤️ 30 pounds gone, never coming back. I loved the 28 minute work outs, link in bio if you want information on the program 😘💪🏼

Annalise's Transformation

Just finished level 1 transform and I LOVED it! Never in a million years thought I would do something like this! Fitness and nutrition was just not in my wheelhouse but I was sick to death of hating at looking at myself and not doing anything about it so kicked my own butt into gear and couldn’t be more stoked I did! Total loss: 4kg and like everyone says it’s the way i feel and my relationship with food has changed so drastically!

Starting level 2 tomorrow to keep pushing to get toward my end goal 

Nat's Transformation

8 weeks dedicated to ME and I could not be prouder of the results.

Breaking habits and making it a lifestyle change, I tried to stay consistent. I still had the occasional coffee and in the last few weeks we had a few celebrations which I enjoyed 1 or 2 beverages with family and friends... 

8 weeks, Level 1, down 5.2kg 

Feeling stronger both physically & mentally, so much more energy fitting into clothes from before kids 

Thank you for providing a program so easy to follow and to implement.