Trapped to Triathlete

Trapped to Triathlete
Australian designer and Sabo Skirt co-owner Thessy Batsinilas has shared her incredible fitness journey and transformation by using the Fitazfk TRANSFORM 8-week program.
The mum-of-two has not been one to shy away when sharing her struggle with endometriosis and her journey of IVF in hopes to start a family with her husband Georgio Batsinilas online. 
The successful Brisbane-based business owner found that the result of vigorous IVF treatments and the birth of her two children had taken a toll on her body and it was time to take action. 
“I felt like I was trapped in someone else’s body [and] I knew I needed help to lose weight the right way,” said Mrs Batsinilas. 
Thessy asked her husband Georgio, co-owner of Brisbane-based fitness company Fitazfk if he could design a program for women that would benefit any lifestyle and or dietary preferences and that is exactly what he did.
Fast forward a year later, Thessy has had an incredible transformation not only physically but mentally through the completion of Fitazfk’s 8-week TRANSFORM Program.
TRANSFORM was created by fitness lovers and industry experts Georgio Batsinilas and Aaron McAllister in 2014. With over 30 years experience, their proven Fitaz Method has changed over 100,000 lives all around the globe by improving their health and implementing their community with the necessary skills to nourish their body and change their lives for the better.
Thessy has spent the last 11 months completing the TRANSFORM level trilogy and highlighted that while there is a big difference between levels 1, 2, and 3 that the program was created so cleverly that you don’t notice the drastic changes because you have been working towards the next level the whole time.
“When each level finishes you feel you can do more, so having an advanced option [to progress to] is perfect.” 
After watching her husband complete the Noosa Triathlon last year, the fashion designer found herself wanting to try it out too. 
An Instagram post by her husband following the 2021 Noosa Triathlon said:
“[Thess] has moved her focus from being about weight loss determination, to setting goals that are performance orientated.”
“Being driven by how well your body can move is something that produces sustained long term gains that will significantly add to the enjoyment of the journey along the way.”
After deciding she would take part in the 40km bike leg of the triathlon, Thessy began training. 
In order to prepare, training consisted of TRANSFORM level 3 and 2 bike sessions per week.
When speaking about how Thessy continued to push herself and find the motivation to keep going in times of doubt she said.
“I always realise how important balance is when following the carefully measured and balanced program.” 
TRANSFORM has been designed to keep you motivated and focused, while providing plenty of guidance and support throughout.
It is broken down into three key phases, with each containing a training schedule and nutritional breakdown that is specifically tailored to each day’s workout. 
This fuels and nourishes your body so it can perform at its best daily! 
On March 13, 2022 Thessy embarked on her first triathlon with Yiota Kouzoukas and Erin Batsinilas in her team.
“The bike leg was harder than I was expecting.”
“The wind conditions I rode in were like nothing I have ever experienced, so the ride was very hard.” 
“It took everything in me to be able to finish it,” said Thessy.
But despite her doubt she did just that! 
“There are always moments of weakness - we are human.”
“I have been on TRANSFORM for almost one whole year and it would be easy for me to put my fitness in the ‘too hard’ basket but the only person that would hurt is myself” Thessy said.
“Practising discipline is very important and essential.”
“Not having everything when you want is an important lesson and TRANSFORM helps [you] in mastering that discipline. 
After implementing the TRANSFORM lifestyle into her life Thessy has lost over 15kgs and has continued to inspire and motivate women around the world. 
As her husband Georgio said:
“I am so proud of you Thess, you have inspired so many women around the world to achieve their goals, we have some work to do but we are going to have fun in the process and that’s the best part.” 
If you would like to try TRANSFORM and transform your life use code FITAZ10 for 10 % off your purchase. 
By Courtney Moane.

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