Our Foolproof Tactics To Beat That Winter Rut!

Our Foolproof Tactics To Beat That Winter Rut!
Snuggly doona, heater blasting, bae cuddling beside you... ah this is the life!
It's official - the days are shorter than ever and it's suddenly becoming easier to hit the snooze button every morning until the sun decides to show up. Winter is here. Your motivation starts to slink into the shadows and will probably decide to hide away until spring. But the reality is, your jeans are becoming a little bit tighter and man, walking up those flights of stairs every day are getting a little bit too much for the old ticker. Don't worry, we hear you! 
But while you're on this train of thought and you're probably feeling very unmotivated, those jeans will only get tighter and tighter as the season goes on #sorrynotsorry... we're here to help!
We've pulled together our foolproof list of things we do, to help us put a little bit more of a pep in our step during those dark and drizzly mornings... so once that vacay in Greece comes around, you can throw on that bikini with fking confidence! 
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You know what they say, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. You don't have to put aside hours to plan, all you need is 10 minutes on a Sunday afternoon. Make a cup of tea, light up a candle and pull out your diary. Writing down your workouts and putting them into your calendar will help you stay accountable! 
Try to take into consideration any commitments or other events you might have upcoming in your week. If you're going to be wrapping up late one night or have a birthday dinner with the gals, chances are, you won't be able to wake up early the next day to train (#guilty). Schedule in a class for the afternoon instead.
Know you have a tough day at work with back to back meetings with your boss or clients? Try to train first thing in the morning! We can guarantee, you'll be so fatigued by the end of the day and naturally skip out on your session PLUS it's a fking great way to set up your day! 
Stay true to yourself and your schedule... because hey, we get it. Life has a knack for getting in the way, but by understanding your schedule, you can plan around it and create successful outcomes. Easy! 


You're more likely to give up on yourself than give up on a friend. #TRUTH. Try these easy to implement hacks to help you stay on track and true to your workout commitments. 
- Tee up a session with a friend! Chances are, you won't want to disappoint them by not rocking up to your session. Plus working out with a buddy is twice the fun. 
- Book in for a structured class. You might have to pay upfront or know there will be a consequence if you cancel (cancellation fee or even worse... burpees). By making that pre-commitment, the chances of showing up are higher! 
- Schedule in a PT session who will help you work towards your goals. Outline your "problem areas" or what you want to work towards and achieve it together! 
- Use your phone for friendly reminders. We are loving this tactic at the moment! Schedule a notification on your phone for an hour after your workout is supposed to be completed (try the iOS reminders app). Once it pops up, you'll feel amazing knowing you've achieved your goal! Didn't manage to workout? It's a friendly reminder you missed out on your session... and chances are, you won't want to feel this sense of "failure" again. 
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We are big lovers of training first thing in the morning. We can't go past that feeling of accomplishment, the endorphin rush and knowing you've achieved something so productive... all before 9AM! Sign me up!!
Struggle with jumping out of bed? Try this: 
1. Set your alarm the night before and place your phone away from your bed (still close enough so you can hear and it wont wake up the whole house but far enough so you have to take at least 4 steps to get to it). Once you're up, chances of you going back to bed are slim. PLUS we don't recommend sleeping next to your phone anyway. 
2. Next to your alarm have a big glass of water or a bottle. Try and drink at least 250ml as soon as you wake up! This will give you a woken up, fresh sensation and will have you one step ahead than wanting to go back to bed. 
3. Make sure you lay out your activewear and sneakers next to your bed the night before. Keep it simple. The less you have to think about when you wake up, the easier! Simply lace up your sneakers and you're off. 
4. Can you tell preparation is key here? Make sure all your essentials for the day ahead are pre packed and waiting to go. So all you have to do, is pick up your things and walk out the door! Don't get me wrong, the last thing you probably feel like doing after a night session is preparing again for the day tomorrow, but don't fall into the trap of fking excuses! Your body will thank you for it the next day. 
Don't know where to start? Have no idea what to do in the gym? Try an exercise program. We've done the hard work for you, all you have to do is follow it! By knowing what you are doing the next day you can prepare both physically and mentally. Sometimes just "showing up" and working out, is really dictated by your mood and how you feel in the present moment. Trust me, I don't feel like running around either if I've woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Keep track of your workouts and use a program to follow to ensure all aspects of your goals are met and you'll have a quality session. 
Check out our 8 week program here. 
This is hack that relies on shifting your mentality. Change your view on working out from something that is a chore to something the liberates you! Think about how you'll feel after your workout.
Try to enjoy every moment and be mindfully present in your workout and especially after. Enjoy the pump, run off the endorphins and then take a moment to acknowledge how much happier and productive you are after exercising. One of my trainers said to me, "it's all about your attitude when tackling the job ahead of you." And that can be applied to any aspect of life! So the next time you have to do 50 squat jumps, try to enjoy the process, smile and and watch the shift! You'll never hate another workout again! 
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It's a no brainer, as humans, we work harder knowing there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Incentives are the easiest way to drive that motivation. Sure, it's fking freezing right now and you probably aren't rocking that bikini, but treat yourself as a motivation to work off those extra KG's! No doubt you're going to want to look and FEEL FitazFK by the time summer rolls around. 
Need an excuse to book a holiday? Probably not but we'll give you one anyway! Booking in a vacay is a great incentive to help you stay bikini body ready all year long. It doesn't need to be a 4 week vacation to the Greek Islands (though that would be fking amazing), but even knowing you're going to escape for 3-4 days nearby will do the trick.