A happier, healthier you in 18 minutes

A happier, healthier you in 18 minutes
No, we’re not crazy. We are totally aware that when we first tell people about our FitazFK workouts and how they only take 18 minutes to complete, they look at us like we’re crazy.
And they get even more confused when we tell them that our 18 minute workouts are actually more effective than spending an hour or more sweating it out in the gym.
Because here’s the truth: longer workouts aren’t necessarily better.
When you know you’ll be spending an hour or two working out, you’re much more likely to skip your workout altogether because we all know life gets BUSY. And it makes sense—an hour is a long time to commit to when you’ve got a million other things going on.
The great thing? Our FitazFK programs only require 18 minutes of your day! And with our short, intense EMOM interval style workouts, that age old excuse of ‘being too busy’ totally goes out the window. Because everyone has an extra 18 minutes a day up their sleeve.
Don’t agree? Just think about all the things you currently waste time on now… watching that last episode of YOU on Netflix, taking an extra long shower or hitting snooze for the fifteenth time on a Monday morning, you get the picture. No matter how busy your days are, you can easily shave off a few minutes here and there, and come up with enough time to get a 18 minute workout in.
It’s the perfect number. 18 minutes; it isn’t too long or too short….it’s basically the goldie locks of circuits that will leave your body feeling just right. With 5 minutes of warming up and down either side of your workout, there is essentially only 18 minutes of the conditioning phase so it is important to push your limits and give your all during these sessions. And trust us, if you think it seems too short, wait until you give it a go. You’ll be feeling the burn in no time!

Our style of EMOM (every minute on the minute) resistance workouts focusses on maximising all of your major muscle groups. Not only will these short but tough HIIT workouts boost your metabolism, but it will also raise your body’s fat burning power and burn more calories in way less time (win, win!).
What’s even better? Recent studies have also shown that HIIT training can improve your fitness levels in as little as TWO weeks, and can give you the same cardiovascular and muscular benefits as steady state cardio in half to one-third the amount of time.
Let’s face it, no one really wants to be spending hours at the gym or stressing about exercising. This year we are saying FK it to boring workouts because that was sooo 2018.
Get a head start on your 2019 fitness journey and kickstart your year with our NEW FitazFK App launching this January! Complete with all of our EMOM 18 minute workouts, it’ll be just the thing to keep you accountable and motivated this year.

We’ve carefully developed our app to ensure you have the MOST fun as possible every time you workout. To reap the rewards, we know you’ve got to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.
And that’s the beauty about our App - It’s not just a weight loss program! Our App will provide you with absolutely everything from recipes to digital meal plans and workouts (you name it, we’ve got it) to help you tighten, tone & trim up!
Complete with all the tools you need, featuring specific workouts designed for every location, our FitazFK App has got your back! Love lifting heavy weights in the GYM? Check! Want to workout from HOME? Check! Enjoy getting sunkissed OUTDOORS?