Why self-care isn't selfish

Why self-care isn't selfish
Have you ever had those moments where…tbh, you’re a bit of a dick for no real reason?
If not, you’re a human beam of sunshine, and we need ALL of your tips! If yes, like most of us you notice it, then try work out why. 
Usually, we look at external factors and try see why we’ve snapped, putting it down to stress, that time of the month or anything else that justifies our behaviour. In reality, it means we probably need a bit of self-care. 
Self-care isn’t selfish, even though that’s how countless articles about bubble baths make it out to be. Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s essential. Self-care isn’t selfish. It helps build a healthy body, mind and soul. Self-care isn’t selfish. It establishes coping mechanisms so we can deal with constant external stresses, hormonal changes,  mixed in with all of life’s constant curve balls. 
How self-care looks to everyone is different. The biggest trick is to find out what works, while still being harsh but fair to yourself. Binging your favourite show definitely IS 110% deserved and counts as self-care but it might not bring you long term benefits. These are a few of our favourite practices. Use them as a guide, not gospel. 
Read that part about Netflix before? Yeah, that counts as joy. But things that bring you joy also go deeper than that. If there’s a meal you LOVE to cook but it takes ages, or is classed as unhealthy, then factor it in and make it anyway. Enjoy the process, enjoy the taste and feel no guilt. If you plan for it you can prepare for it.

Joy can be impulsive, but it’s just as important to spend time thinking about just what that thing might be. Perhaps it’s dance class where you get to shake it out, not thinking for a while. Or maybe it is that bubble bath.

Whatever you choose, make sure you’re seeking that warm, lasting feeling of joy. Not just instant gratification. Savour every joyful moment and then make that a regular part of your week or month. 


Your mum was bang on when she told you to go get some fresh air or run it off. The great outdoors is the perfect place to get back to balance. If you feel a connection to the ocean, take yourself out for a solo beach day. If mountains make you feel grounded, head there. It’s that simple. Take time to listen to your body, see where your mind responds best.

If the outdoors outdoors isn’t really your thing, stay in the city but make time to be humbled by the night sky, warmed by the sunrise or have a cup of tea while watching the sunset.
Any of these activities help to put your life in context of the bigger picture. To appreciate how incredible it is you get to be here. Right now. 

It sounds silly, but this is one thing we highly recommend you do every day. At the end of each day, make an effort to consciously think about the absolute pit (crappiest thing) and peak (best bit) that happened. They can be simple, serious, short or long.
This process helps to dissolve the negatives and bring forwards the positives. Peaks and pits are a daily part of life. By acknowledging the absolute worst and best you become instantly more kind to yourself. 
Try it for a week, then see how it feels becoming part of your regular routine. 
It’s not a question of IF you’re going to exercise, but WHEN. We’re strong believers in a healthy body equals healthy mind. When it comes to self-care this isn’t the warm fuzzy choice, but potentially the most important commitment you need to make to yourself.
The self-care journey is always evolving and might look different every day. The most important part is that you make a conscious effort to do it and never ever feel selfish about it.