WHY Our Guides? We Give You The Run Down On Our 8 Week Challenge!

WHY Our Guides? We Give You The Run Down On Our 8 Week Challenge!

Let me guess… You’ve seen our transformation pics, our videos, and basically all other content relating to the FitazFK in 8 Weeks guide, but you’re still not sure if it’s for you? 

The 8 Week Challenge is more than just a quick fix, or temporary reset. The challenge itself provides the basis and grounds for a complete lifestyle reboot, and teaches you the fundamentals you’ll need in order to achieve the manageable, healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

If that isn't enough motivation for you, here's an insider look on the 8 Week Challenge guide. 

8 Week Challenge Rundown: 

  • You have a detailed 3-Phase nutritional plan designed to allow your body to drop excess body fat and fluid, whist still providing the body sufficient amounts of energy and nourishment 
  • Phase One of the 8 Week Challenge detoxes your body, and enables you to slowly identify any food allergies you may have 
  • The exercise plan is designed to challenge all aspects of your body, and improve your fitness levels greatly 
  • Each session consists of a high intensity 28 minute workout. That’s it! Just 28 minutes out of your day
  • This guide is designed to whip your booty into shape at a MAINTAINABLE standard. The intensity of the workouts will ensure full-body muscle strength and tone to increase your metabolic rate and burn calories even after your workout is done! 
  • We also provide you with exercise outlines, an inspo board, food diary outline, and a detailed ‘before and after’ method to help keep you accountable for the duration of the challenge
  • The 8 Week Challenge is just as effective for those who wish to lose weight, as those who are struggling to GAIN weight. Check out our girl Courtney for proof! Georgio explains in the video below how this is possible. 

Basically, there are SO many benefits of completing this guide... so instead of spelling it out to you word for word, we’d like to show you just how effective the 8 Week Challenge is in this video. 

We've documented the journey of 3 of our FitazFK girls, (Lauren, Courtney and Elena) as they undergo their 8 Week Challenge… and come out the other side looking FKING INCREDIBLE. 

Lauren, Elena and Courtney all achieved their challenge goals! How impressive is that!?

In case you need more visual motivation, here are the before and after images of all three girls, and the progress they made after the completion of the FitazFK in 8 Weeks guide! 


Weight: 60.5KG

Challenge goal: create healthy eating habits

Final result: 56.9kg (3.6kg weight loss)



weight: 43.4kg

Challenge goal: gain 4kg

Courtney struggled with malnutrition as part of a poor diet, and as a result her goal was to GAIN weight using our 8 Week Challenge. Our 8 Week Challenge guide is designed to increase muscle mass, and decrease fat, so Courtney (who had very little fat on her body) was able to gain weight by increasing muscle mass, additional to developing a healthy balanced calorie intake from our nutrition plan. 

Final result: 47.6kg (4.2kg gain) 



Weight: 65.1kg 

Challenge goal: Drop to 60kg

Final result: 60kg (5.1kg loss) 

What are you waiting for? Try our 8 Week Challenge for yourself! Time to get FITAZFK!