What The FK Is L.S.D & Here Is Why You Need It In Your Fitness Routine

What The FK Is L.S.D & Here Is Why You Need It In Your Fitness Routine
Lets talk about L.S.D, Long Slow Distance, also known as steady state cardio. 
L.S.D is a form of aerobic endurance training, where you maintain the same level intensity for an extended period of time, usually between 30 to 45 minutes. 
During FitazFK in 28 days and the 8 week Challenge you will use this style of training to allow your body to recover, and most importantly, to burn calories! 
This is a highly important part of BOTH programs and must not be skipped. The trick is to get into a routine and plan out a time to fit these longer sessions into the week. Whether it’s walking or riding your bike, the goal is to focus on keeping a H.R of 65%-76% of your maximum heart rate (H.R). 
You can calculate your max heart rate by using the equation: 220-your age. E.g. If you are 22 years old, your max rate would be 220-22=198. Therefore your desired heart rate during your L.S.D sesh would be between 128 to 146 beats per minute. 
If this is too complicated, a simpler way to work out how hard you should be training is by your perceived exertion. Try to work at a rate of 6-7 of 10. 
Depending on your current fitness level, the number of times you conduct an L.S.D session alters. 
    Beginner = Once a week
    Intermediate = Twice per week
     Advanced =  Three times per week
Now if you find that you’re someone that can easily get bored with steady paced exercise or lack the motivation to sustain 45 minutes of exercise, here are a few options to spice up your L.S.D workouts. 
  • RUN: pick landmarks while you are on your run and set different goals between them. E.g. run 200m to the park bench, complete 20 dips then walk 200m. Repeat and mix it up with different exercises. 
  • CYCLE: grab your bike and cycle to work. This is a great way to fit in your L.S.D training as you’re technically not wasting any time! 
  • SWIM: swim for X number of laps, rest your shoulders on the side of the pool and bring your legs in and out, as if you were doing ab crunches. Another option is to tread water for 30 seconds then continue swimming. 
To get the most out of these workouts and any LSD training you do, we strongly advise being in a fasted state. That is, first thing in the morning before you haven’t eaten anything. This will allow your body to burn excess body fat much more quickly. 
And always remember, your L.S.D workout should be performed on your “off days” from E.M.O.M (Every Minute on the Minute). This is a great way to let your body recover from your 28 minute workout and conditions your body to become more economic at burning fuel.
Moral of the story: don’t skip your L.S.D training! It will do you wonders and get you on the right track to a healthy and sustainable fitness regime.