What is Transform?

What is Transform?
"Why should I do Level 2?”

“What are the changes?”

“I’m not fit enough to do Level 2 yet”

“Should I just repeat Level 1?”

“Do I have to do Level 1 before doing Level 2?”

These are the most common questions we get around Transform Level 2. We are here to explain all things TRANSFORM right here, right now.

So, let’s go back to the start…What is Transform?

Transform is an all-in-one training and nutrition program on the Fitazfk App, designed to Transform your body and mind. 
It is a fitness program like no other; with around the clock support from our health and fitness experts as well as our community of likeminded women who are on their own journey. 

We have an amazing community, and you get to connect with this group of women who are on their own mission to transform their bodies & minds. 
You’ll be given 5 x 28 minute workouts per week via our app, which you can do anywhere, anytime to fit with your schedule. There are a mix of body weight exercises, resistance workouts using basic home equipment, HIIT & Interval sessions to get your blood pumping! 

We educate you on new ways of eating through the application of nutritional methods, designed to not only help you lose weight now, but easy enough to continue this way of eating after the program has ended.
Transform is a lifestyle change, not something you do for 8 weeks but then can’t maintain, so you revert back to your old ways and let all your hard work go to waste! 

Now to the juicy stuff, Level 2.

Level 2 is an intermediate fitness program for women who are ready to step up their game. 
Using progressive overload to further develop your fitness levels gained in Level 1. This is your next step to take your training & nutritional habits to the next level.

Why should you do Level 2? 

Well to put it simply, we want you to Level up. You may have just competed 8 weeks of Level 1 which is such an achievement, you should be proud! If you go back to Day 1 of Level 1, you would breeze through that workout like it was a piece of (healthy) cake. You’ve been progressing, not only in strength but cardiovascular fitness, so why go back? You’ve learnt the foundations, now it’s time to refine your nutrition even further and start adding in more complex movements to create lean muscle & burn fat. Added bonus: you will get so much more variety in your training, you won’t get bored! 

What are the changes?

There will still be 3 phases within the program, however there will be some changes. 
Phase 1 - In regards to nutrition, there will be a reset phase - but hallelujah, you get to keep 1 x coffee per day. In terms of workouts, you’ll become best friends with your Dumbbells. There will be some new weighted movements as well as new body weight exercises.
Phase 2 - We introduce 2 x Vegetarian days per week to be more in line with a traditional Mediterranean diet to increase your plant diversity and fibre intake. Your digestive system will love you for it. Here is where we re introduce some of your home equipment in to the mix, as well as lots of new movements. 
Phase 3 - We introduce an eating window to encourage mindful eating practices. Think an introduction to intermittent fasting, but with a smaller fasting window to make it super easy to stick to. Say hello to your new bestie, the Kettlebell. You’re about to take your workouts to a new level! 

New to Transform but currently workout?

If you workout 2-3 times per week but want to step it up and start seeing results - Level 2 is for you. You won’t need to begin at Level 1, as you already have the basic foundations of fitness. If you’re looking for guidance on how to eat better for your body, new ways to move, lose weight & tone up, you’ve come to the right place. 
Striving to become the best version of YOU?