Dieting? 5 Ways to Avoid Being Hungry All the Time

Dieting? 5 Ways to Avoid Being Hungry All the Time

Whether you’re wedding-shredding (Hi, Thessy!), planning a euro-vacation, or just want to lose those extra KG’s that have sneaked up on your thighs since last winter - we’re proud of you. Depriving yourself of the foods that you usually eat on the regular (in order to lose some extra kilos) can be FKing hard, especially when you’re training every day and burning more calories than you’re consuming.

It’s hard to resist temptation once, even twice, but if you’re constantly hungry, you’re more than likely to eat something you shouldn’t and regret it the next day. TRUTH: This not only slows down your metabolism that you’re working hard to speed up, but it throws your eating plan back. The solution? We’ve put together 8 tips to reduce your hunger pangs, maintain your eating plan and control those calories.

Eat more protein

The secret to a successful diet is protein. How? Protein enables you to each fewer foods, and stay fuller for longer. Make sure your every meal and snack includes a form of protein, whether it be meat, eggs, dairy or nuts, so that you don’t get hungry every half hour.

Foods rich in protein:

  • Seafood (tuna, salmon, shellfish)

  • Meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey)

  • Cheese

  • Eggs

  • Nuts

  • Quinoa

  • Avocado

Say no to Sugar

Not only because it is FORBIDDEN when you’re trying to eat healthier (and er, lose weight), but because processed sugar alone, when it’s a main ingredient in a meal, tends to momentarily satisfy you and then opens your appetite wide up so you’re hungrier a lot sooner. This is due to the amount of sugar deposited in your blood - your blood sugar levels reach a high when you consume sugar, and then come crashing down just as fast, leaving you hunger all over again. We know it’s hard to stay away from sweets (trust us!), but it’s also about habit, but there are healthier options…

If you’re craving something sweet, we’ve got a few ideas to tame the raging sweet tooth:

Choc Almond Fudgey Bites

Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

Clean Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

Our Famous Twix Recipe

Drink more water

We may have mentioned it before, but did you know that sometimes when you think you are hungry, it’s actually your body telling you you are dehydrated? Not only does H20 improve skin health, rids of body toxin build-up and naturally is the best thing ever for your metabolism, it also helps fight hunger. Add a few slices of lemon, cucumber and mint for extra detoxification, or if you feel like something fruity, you can add berries and citrus slices, too.

Stress less

When we’re stressed (or overly stressed for that matter), we tend to eat more and consumer more calories (comfort food, much?). If you’re finding this all too familiar, then maybe it’s time to slow the FK down. If your everyday life is calm and balanced, then you will have less of a desire to break into the cookie jar, because your emotional needs will be met in other ways (think reading, beach walks, podcasts, meditation, yoga).

Also, when you’re stressed, you may find it harder to fall asleep. Insomnia increases your appetite, as your body's working overtime for you to stay awake. It’s simple, the more you sleep, the less you’ll eat.

Eat a hearty breakfast

If your tummy is satisfied in the morning, research shows that you won’t need to consume as many calories during the day. Think about it, a hearty, protein-rich breakfast will keep you satisfied for longer, minimising your chances of getting hungry before lunch. Some ideas for an quick, healthy breakfast can include:

  • Weet-Bix (or health-approved granola) with your choice of milk

  • A slice of wholemeal toast with poached eggs and avocado

  • Two boiled eggs with wholemeal toast

  • Oats with fruit and nuts

  • Smoothies