The ultimate 18 minute workout app

The ultimate 18 minute workout app

Don’t splash your cash on a personal trainer, download the FITAZFK app instead!
Okay, that might seem a bit dramatic but if you’ve decided you want to commit to the fitness but worried you don’t have the skills, motivation or funds to get started then the app is a great place to start. 

If you’re haven’t seen us round before then here’s a quick run down on what we’re all about.
The FK in our name stands for Functional Kinetics which is a fancy way of saying movements that help you in your everyday life. Think less sitting on complicated machines and more using resistance bands, bodyweight or just a kettle bell to get stronger or slimmer (our approach works for both). 

Our method is simple: 18 min workouts, 6 days a week - all tracked and completed through the app. Usually people start seeing results after 4-6 weeks, but start feeling the difference in a week. 

Full disclosure, those 18 mins will be FKN tough and FKN worth it.

If this is already enough to convince you, start with the 7 day free trial now! Or, dive a little deeper with us and see just what’s inside.

While building this app we did SO much research into what people wanted and what was holding them back from achieving their fitness goals. We learned that majority of people are worried they don’t know what exercises to do, don’t want to pay for a gym membership and want to workout wherever they want.

The workout section of the app solves ALL of these issues, giving every body the chance to become the happiest, healthiest version of you. 



Home - gym - outdoors
Where you train is completely up to you. If you want to stick to one, or all three you can still complete the recommended workout plan.

If you are training at the gym, all the videos provide the instructions you need to feel confident on simple pieces of equipment or using free-weights.

Same goes for the home and outdoor workouts. Just grab a set of our resistance bands, find a cheap kettle bell or something else heavy and you’re all set!

18 mins / 6 days a week…wtf!
The app training programme is based off 6 days of work with one day rest. Because the workouts are so short but intense, they boost your metabolic rate and keep your muscles firing for longer.

Our recommended approach is this:

If your schedule doesn’t fit with this, or you’re feeling particularly energetic you can combine a resistance session and a HIIT session on the same day. Thats only a grand total of 36 minutes in one training block! Efficient AF!


The old saying abs are built in the kitchen is completely true. To support you on your journey, our nutrition section has got you covered for every single meal. You wont find calories, macros or any other fitness buzzwords on there. Instead there’s step-by-step recipes that we’ve designed to reach your fitness goals. 

Yes, that does mean if you were trying to lose weight and your best gal pal was trying to get stronger, you could follow the identical meal plan from the app. 

Veggies, vegans and gluten-free friends, we’ve seen way too many apps and nutrition plans that try pass a lettuce leaf with tahini as an interesting meal. That’s why majority of our recipes cater to all three of these dietary requirements. Just because you don’t enjoy meat, doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy food!

Even though you can go on this journey alone, we’re always here to support you and LOVE to answer questions, provide advice and see your transformation photos! Slide into our DM’s anytime with any question.

P.S, if you haven’t already, download the app! We’re not really the spammy type…unless its something we’re super excited about.