The Fitness Routine That Helped Thessy K Get Her Pre-Baby Body Back... And Stronger Than Ever!

The Fitness Routine That Helped Thessy K Get Her Pre-Baby Body Back... And Stronger Than Ever!

Are you following Sabo Skirt’s Creative Director and co-owner Thessy Kouzoukas on Instagram? 

No? Girl, you really should. 
Over the past 8 months, Thessy’s 142K followers have been able to watch, almost in real time, how she’s shed 18.5KG after the birth of her beautiful daughter, Zani. 
If you aren’t familiar with Thessy’s story, we’ll give you the lowdown. 
Thessy put on 22KG during her pregnancy - happily admitting it was due to her diet choices but also the levels of artificial hormones pumping through her body post IVF treatment. Her exercise routine was very minimal, her ankles were consistently swollen making it difficult to move (let alone trying to do any high intensity movements), and a few minor complications in her third trimester meant bed rest was a priority until baby Z was bought into the world. 
Fast forward 8 months, Thessy has lost 18.5KG, can do consecutive push ups comfortably (more than one we might add) and she’s got one goal in mind, looking and feeling her absolute BEST in just over 8 weeks (hello Greece!). 
But Thessy has one message to all the new mums out there and to those starting on their fitness journey… she didn’t just “bounce back.” There’s no magic pill. There’s no secret weapon. She had to work fking hard every damn day - even on days when things felt a little bit too hard (remember that time she tried to use the rain as an excuse to not go to the gym Georgio?) 
Before baby Zani, exercising for Thessy always felt like a NEED rather than a WANT. It was always a chore. We aren’t saying she wasn’t healthy before Zani, but her attitude toward training was always lethargic and found it difficult to eat healthy (salt and vinegar chips used to be a norm in her pantry cupboard). Not to mention how genetically blessed she is, not having to work too hard to maintain her body for most of her life.
After reaching 75KG at the end of her pregnancy, Thessy never thought she’d see her body back in the 50’s again… the weight of her pregnancy “STUCK” to her. But deep down, she did not feel ashamed about her body nor did she feel upset, she knew her body performed a miracle and she loved herself for it. 
However, as her main priority today is being the absolute best mama to Zani, she knew she needed to be the BEST version of herself and she wanted to do this the right way. She didn’t want to get 2 months out on a fitness craze and then suddenly go on a crash diet. She needed more energy, she needed to feel better about herself and she wanted to rebuild that confidence.

After getting the all clear from her GP and with the help of the brand new FitazFK App, Thessy showed up everyday, got the job done and the numbers are there today -  she’s lost a total of 18KGs so far. She knew she had to eat nutritious, rich meals to feed Zani the best she possibly could, exercise hard to maintain her energy levels and do the hard work.

The app helped her fall in love with fitness and through momentum, she saw the results and felt accomplished. It was so easy - all she had to do was turn on the app, pick her favourite workout and go. It’s literally a PT in your pocket. No fking excuses. 

BUT TODAY, just over 8 WEEKS to go until her big wedding day (hello Euro-Summer!!), Thessy is on her last leg to shift the final kilos and to kick things into gear, she wants YOU to be part of our biggest challenge yet! 

Starting on MONDAY MAY 6th, Thessy is inviting you to not only help her get through these last 8 weeks, but to motivate as many people around the world and get FitazFK together. 
Whether you need to get bikini body ready for that European summer, getting ready for summer season in the US or you feel like you’ve really fallen off the bandwagon since January (remember those New Year’s Resolutions?), this is the perfect opportunity to kick-start your health journey again. 
Here’s what you get as part of Thessy’s 8 Week Challenge:
- UNLIMITED SUPPORT from the entire FitazFK team. Join our exclusive FitazFK Army & ask our trainers, experts and other members all around the world how they stay motivated and inspired to continue their journey.
- GUARANTEED RESULTS in the first 7 DAYS. Phase 1 is CRITICAL. But most of our babes lose between 2-5KGs here, tone up & feel instant results. 
- EASY TO FOLLOW workouts that only take 18 mins per day! Scroll down to see what DAY 1 looks like! 
- DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS recipes that are so easy to make & we’ve cut the BS. No fancy ingredients here. 
- EQUIPMENT designed by us, made for you to use at home! So no stress if you don’t have a gym membership.