Get fit by exercising just 18 mins every day. Seriously.

Get fit by exercising just 18 mins every day. Seriously.

Nope, this isn’t click bait. That headline is true. You actually CAN get fit in 18 mins! Of course there’s a catch. And that catch is that those 18 mins will be FKN hard and FKN worth it.

Not convinced? Read on to see how and why it works.

FITAZFK has helped over 80,000 people transform their lives with our 28 day and 8 week guides. That’s a whole lot of proof that we’re on to something seriously good!

But what’s the secret? No magic pill. No crazy fad diets. No hectic workouts. Just 18 minutes a day, for 28 days. Welcome to the Insta-famous, FK method. A proven method that works time and time again. It’s the ultimate formula to help you reboot and transform your fitness mentality for life!


FK stands for Functional Kinetics. It’s our approach to movements you can complete quickly to get the best possible results. The FK method is so easy to follow, it’ll quickly become a daily part of your life! Our guides provide you with the fundamental knowledge and practical experience to maintain this lifestyle indefinitely.

Each workout is only 18 minutes long with 5 mins either side to warm up and cool down. Minimal time, maximum benefits. Each session will push your body into the 60-80% fat burning zone while increasing strength simultaneously. Because of this, it’s important to push your limits and give it all you’ve got during these sessions! As a bonus, these workouts increase your metabolic rate! This means, you burn calories for hours after your session – even while you sleep! See how powerful 18mins can be?!

Just starting your fitness journey?
Don’t worry, we’ve broken it down into three fitness levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) so EVERYONE can complete it!

Our guides use 3 phases to guide you through the journey. So you know exactly what to expect, we’ve broken down each phase.


Phase 1 is the most challenging yet crucial and body-changing. Our girls see the most change during this phase, often losing between 3-5KGs in just 7 days (but remember, every body is different, be proud of whatever you accomplish).

Phase 1 optimises your body’s ability to flush your liver and kidneys as well as rid itself of nasty toxins. This one week process will enhance your body’s natural ability to detox and cleanse as a healthy liver and kidneys burn fat more effectively. While it’s the most difficult, it’s the most motivating to keep you going for the remaining 3 weeks!

What can you expect? Chances are you’ll feel lighter, less bloated, full of energy and your sleep patterns will also improve!


After making it through what seems the toughest seven days, welcome to the phase where you will get up and close and personal with your body's needs and food sensitives. This is where you'll really understand how food makes you feel. Now that you've worked hard to cleanse and detox your body in phase 1, it's time to reinstate common foods to identify any food allergies that can be harmful to everyday life and preventative to your desired body results. For coffee lovers, phase 2 also reintroduces caffeine, but for now, stick to long blacks on your dairy free days! 


You have reached the final stage! Hooray! Phase 3 is all about learning how to sustain the healthy lessons you have learned so far. FitazFK isn't a quick fix, it's a fking transformation of your body, your mindset and your life. Our guides are designed to intensively boost your bod and put you on track for a healthier, holistic lifestyle. 

Need a little bit more motivation? Tracking your progress with a photo is one of the most successful and motivating ways to see results!


Our workouts are designed to be used anytime, anywhere, with very little equipment. So whether you’re constantly travelling, don’t have access to a gym or simply want to train at home, you can get FITAZFK anywhere! Literally.

Each workout is based on an EMOM system.

1.     At the start of the minute, complete your exercise at the desired fitness level (10, 14 or 18 reps)

2.     Once you have completed your repetitions, any remaining time is your rest time. Ie. If you complete 14x reps in 35 seconds, you have 25 seconds to rest!

3.     Begin your next set at the beginning of the next minute. Complete 3 rounds of this.

4.     Each exercise will take you three minutes to complete. 3minutes x 6 exercises = 18 minutes!

Hot Tip: Try to familiarise yourself with each exercise before completing your workout to prevent any lag-time and overlapping of minutes. Preparation is key!


Not sure how to get started with 18 minute workouts ?

Our 28 day workout bundle has everything you need to start getting fit TODAY!