Summer Bodies are built in winter! Here's how to build yours!

Summer Bodies are built in winter! Here's how to build yours!


Summer is just around the corner! Can you believe it?! Feels like last week we were putting away our bikinis and now so quickly we are already starting to dust them off.

Summer should NOT be a time of anxiety, stress, and being self-conscious, it’s a time to enjoy the sun in the best possible shape (as the best possible you!). So, we’ve compiled a list of super easy, but super effective, summer exercises that you can do pretty much anywhere to help you stay in shape this summer season.


It works your: Triceps, pecs, rhomboids & trap muscles

Benefits: Triceps dips improve your upper body strength and tone! Doing them will lead to more lean and defined arms and shoulders.


It works your: Glutes (booty!), quadriceps, hamstrings… wow!

Benefits: Sumo squats place huge emphasis on toning your inner thigh. Compared to the traditional squat they can also help improve balance, by pushing your body into a new alignment and helping you build that booty.


It works your: Abs! They’re all about the abs baby!

Benefits: This exercises activates the muscles that lead to a six pack, by lifting the torso and contracting the abdominal muscles. The muscles on the side of your stomach are also activated as you bring your elbow to your knee. Not only does this help contribute to a well aligned spine… It also means you can say BYE FELICIA to those love handles.


It works your: Thighs, booty & calves!

Benefits: A reverse lunge targets all the same muscles as a forward lunge, but they can be a more stable exercise for beginners. They can save your knees and help you build up your leg stability.



It works your: Abs

Benefits: Not only do butterfly sit-ups help tone your abs, they also help mobilise your groin and open your hip rotators. Now while that sounds a bit weird… when those areas aren’t tight you can run, lunge and squat better! They also make it easier to activate your abs and avoid loading your hip flexors. Fk yeah!


It works your: booty, legs, arms, abs… everything!

Benefits: Doing a burpee is the best way to work your whole body at once. Endurance building, strength building, heart beat raising and calorie burning are just a few of things on the burpee’s CV! And the best bit? You can literally do a burpee ANYWHERE. Fair, they are a bit tough at first… but you’ll get there girl!

Thumbnail image thanks to @casswood


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