Stay SkinFit: How To Take Care Of Your Skin Post Workout

Stay SkinFit: How To Take Care Of Your Skin Post Workout
We all know there are lots of skin care benefits associated with working out.
Working out gives your skin a hit of oxygenated blood, which gives you that extra glowy AF effect.
Working out also helps manage your cortisol levels. High levels of cortisol can lead to breakouts or cause the collagen in your skin to break down - which can lead to wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin.
But if you don’t take care of your skin after you workout, the sweat, dirt and grime can cause you to break out. The longer sweat is on your body and face, the increased change it has to get into your pores and attract things like dead skin cells and bacteria.
How many of you go for a workout in the morning, come home, make brekky, drink a tea, write in your journal and before you know it, its been a few hours… yep… guilty. Or maybe you've gone into the gym with a bit of make up, worked up a sweat and you've re-applied to your face again because you're strapped for time? 
Fk breakouts - we’ve figured out the ultimate post skin-care routine to stop all that hard work from going to waste:
If you can… ditch the make up. It’s best to do a workout with a clean, make-up free face. As your body heats up during a workout, your pores open and you don’t want that make up settling back into the pores. Your skin should be able to breathe!
With that being said, we totally understand some people aren’t completely comfortable going out with a bare face. Watch this space for an easy to follow make up look that will allow you skin to breathe.
Sure, FitazFK Activewear look super great during your workout, but they aren’t the best for your skin. Tight, moisture-wicking materials generally aren’t breathable, meaning they trap oil and dead skin for hours and hours, creating the perfect storm for a body breakout. Get out of those tight clothes quickly.
Wash your face as soon as you’re done working out. Use a soft, gentle cleanser (remember, your pores are wide open after a workout, the last thing you want to be is abrasive on your skin and use a harsh exfoliant). This is the best choice to thoroughly cleanse and remove all the debris, sweat and oil from your pores.
If you’re strapped for time, the quick trick for shutting down a sweat session and to really cool down, is to run a towel under cold water and drape it around your neck. This is where a lot of your body temp-regulating pulse points live.
A gentle, nurturing serum post-workout, helps with any redness, blemishes and promotes that super healthy vibrant glow. Pick something filled with VITAMIN C or that’s hydrating to firm, tighten and support your skin’s natural collagen.
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