Spice Up Your Love Life With This!

Spice Up Your Love Life With This!
We know how the saying goes, couples who sweat together, stay together, right? Yeah yeah, we've heard it before. And as the biggest love day of the year rolls around, we've decided we're ditching the cliché dinner dates for something a little more fun AND active. 
I mean what can be more romantic than sitting at a jam-packed restaurant on February 14th? Yeah thought so... we can think of a few things! Working out as a duo not only helps YOU physically (hello banging bods), but it also helps you both stay motivated, builds a strong connection AND improves intimacy. Exercise is PROVEN to increase libido. 
We're swapping chocolate & roses for a sweaty session to get us in the mood: 
  • A boxing workout (like we said, no better way to get in the mood than happy endorphins right?)
  • A hike! Get out in nature, breathe in the fresh air, all while getting to know your S.O. just a little bit better 
  • A bike ride. There's a reason why every couple seems to go on a bike ride in pretty much EVERY rom-com movie. They're a super fun & easy way to get out and about with your bae. 
  • A 28 min FitazFK workout. So you've got more time for all the uh, important stuff ;) Grab your number 1, pull out our guides and get it on in just 28 minutes. Our Valentine's Bae Bundle is the ultimate gift pack including: FitazFK Guide for her (well you), a FitazFK Guide for himFitazFK bandsFitazFK jump ropeand our brand new, FitazFK Booty Bands! These haven't even been released yet!!