So you just purchased Transform? But how do you get started?

So you just purchased Transform? But how do you get started?
Welcome to Transform!
Congratulations on taking the first step and choosing to put yourself first and start your health journey.
This journey you are about to embark on will take motivation, discipline, and determination and while this might sound daunting and scary you have committed to change yourself for the better, nourish your body, and fuel your brain with the energy it needs. 
The team here at Fitazfk are here to provide you with all the energy, guidance, and support you could need on this incredible journey.
Now let’s get started with training!
How does transform work?
Each week you will complete the following:
  • 3 Strength Sessions
  • 1 HIIT Session
  • 1 Interval Running/ Cardio Session
But how do we know this works?
We have found through years of experience and changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of women the importance that strength training has when it comes to a person’s weight loss journey. 
Our program has incorporated intensity protocols into our strength sessions to help you feel good, fit, and empowered. Combining this with our HIIT and Interval sessions and you have the perfect recipe for success! 
Before you begin the program we suggest you complete the burpee test - you should do this as it is a great way to identify your level of fitness at the very beginning of the program. This test takes place during the onboarding phases on the app.
The burpee test will determine how many reps of each exercise you will complete during each workout.
Burpee test: do 1 minute of burpees and keep count of how many you completed.
Your fitness level is as follows:
<12 reps = beginner
12 - 16 reps = intermediate 
16> reps = advanced
Now that you know your fitness level and you are set to begin it is always important to take the time to take note of how your body is feeling and perform the exercises safely, doing so will help avoid injuries and setbacks throughout your health and fitness journey.
  1. Beware of your body: if an exercise feels unnatural or painful - contact our support team of trainers by emailing us at Note, poor form is one of the main causes of exercise injuries so, if necessary - we want to help you correct this ASAP.
  2. Know your limits: if the resistance you are working with feels too heavy to complete your minimum repetitions - go down a level.
  3. Hydrate: stay hydrated throughout the day - but especially while completing your workout and after. If you find that you struggle with drinking enough water throughout the day check out our Hydration Tips blog post.
  4. New mums and training: if you are a new mum or have experienced any complications post-pregnancy - you must be cleared to start exercising by your doctor before partaking in our program.
If you ever struggle to perform a certain exercise - look out to see if there is a scaled version in the information section by clicking the information icon in the bottom right corner of each exercise. You can also reach the team or ask for some advice from our community on our Transform Together Facebook Group.
And now you're ready to commence your fitness journey!
Make sure to thoroughly read our Transform How-To Guide for more information on our program and how we have transformed the lives of women all around the world.
By Courtney Moane.

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This is for you if you have not completed transform before or you are currently training less than twice a week

Level 2

This is for you if you have done transform before or you're currently training more than twice a week

Level 3

This is for you if you have done transform 1 & 2 before or you're currently training more than three times a week

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