Netflix & Chill With These FitazFK Approved Snacks!

Netflix & Chill With These FitazFK Approved Snacks!
After a long working week, there’s nothing better than a good Netflix & chill session… right? (And by that we mean actually watching Netflix!)

Whether you’re binge-watching Riverdale or catching up on the latest episode of Jane the Virgin, everyone knows a good movie marathon isn’t complete without some serious snacks!

But after a big week of training, don’t let your hard work go to waste! Eating clean is just as important as training, but we know it can be just as hard too. Avoid the mindless movie munching, with some easy to make, delicious and #FitazFK Approved treats you’re going to love (trust us, they’re tastier than the usual celery or carrot sticks)

Feast your eyes on our fave top 5 binge-worthy snacks from our FitazFK Cookbook that might just beat that buttery movie popcorn any day!
So what the FK should I snack on?

1. Nutella Protein Balls
Get those sugar cravings under wraps with our Nutella Protein Balls. They’re super handy for when you’re feeling like something naughty - plus they’re jam packed with protein without the gluten. The perfect treat post workout!

2. Spiced Chickpeas
Feeling saucy? Why not try our spiced chickpeas. They’re guaranteed to make you come back for another handful, rather than reaching for that bag of lollies! Not to mention they’re gluten free, high in protein, iron & fibre. PLUS their low GI so they’ll help keep your hunger at bay.
3. Apple and Almond Butter Slices
Before you reach for that doughnut, try this super simple, apple and almond butter slice! Great if you’re limited with time plus they’re suitable for our vegans and gluten free too!

4. Choc Nana IceBlocks
Replace those frosty sugar pops in the back of your freezer and step it up with our Choc Nana Nice-blocks. They’re great to snack on during hot summer days or a post dinner treat.


So unlike a block of chocolate or handful of lollies, these guilt-free snacks will not only satisfy those moreish movie cravings but help you stay fuelled up for longer!

Want to get your hands on the recipe? Click here to pick up a copy of our FitazFK Cookbook here.
5. Pizza Mini Muffins
Feeling like something a little more substantial? Craving pizza, but want to avoid the extra cals? These mini pizza muffins are our go-to for a quick and easy savoury option. Oh and they’re gluten free too!