How Yiota from Saboskirt Got FitazFK Using Our Home Workout Guide

How Yiota from Saboskirt Got FitazFK Using Our Home Workout Guide
Anything is possible with hard work and determination. And by, anything we mean getting that banging bod you’re proud of in 28 days!
@Yiota from @Saboskirt toned up and lost 6.3 cm around her waist in, you guessed it… 28 days! How? By using our Home Workout guide. Yiota managed to reach her goals and way beyond (thanks to following every workout and meal plan to the letter!) Let Yiota be your inspo, follow her FITAZFK journey and then be inspired to start your own!
P.S. Sure, you may be thinking “but Yiota’s body was amazing even before she started” – then you’d be right. But hold just a minute, Yiota’s goal wasn’t to lose weight, it was to tone and overcome her bad eating habits. And she did exactly that!
Our FITAZFK in Home Workout Guide works for all types of goals. Whether you’re new to the fitness game, or have been on and off for years – our guide is suited to all needs and wants.
The key to success is never giving up. Yiota took on Phase 1 like a pro! She completely eliminated sugar, carbs, and dairy (despite her cravings) and worked out 6 days a week, following each exercise. If you’re going to commit to something – do it with 110% dedication!
"Woke up feeling extra awesome today which is very different to my sluggish roll out of bed routine, woo! I went through sugar withdrawals yesterday on Day 1 of @fitazfk but I also had the best sleep I’ve had in months. Time to use this extra energy on everyone at work hahaha".
What’s the best kind of motivation? A training buddy, and not just any kind of buddy, but your BFF. One of the main reasons Yiota smashed her workouts was because she had her bestie Thessy by her side. Training with your best friend – it’s a win win!
When you start seeing results, that’s when you can’t stop. Just five days in and Yiota could already start noticing the change in her leg muscles.
“Day 5 on @fitazfk and I’m pretty excited about the changes in my legs.”
Are they abs? They sure are! Phase 1 is the most difficult phase of our Fitazfk Home Workout Guide – with strict dietary requirements paired with exercises to get the most out of your 28 minutes, you quickly start to see results like this! By this stage Yiota had already lost the majority of excess weight around her waist.
Phase 1 complete ✓ Yiota completely overcame her sugar and coffee cravings – which was harder than she expected.
“Feeling fresh AF!! Phase 1 recap on @fitazfk – I broke my sugar addiction that I didn’t even know I had ? I no longer need my daily coffee AND I’ve been migraine free for 6 days. Feeling stronger + healthier already?? How did everyone else go first week?”
  • “… drinking heaps of water everyday has also helped me wake up clear headed instead of with a sore head.

  • Push through Phase 1, it’s so worth it! Also, doing it with a friend always makes it easier.

Total cm's lost in Phase 1? “I lost 1.5 inches (3.5cm) from my waist after Phase 1 (lots of de-bloating)."
DAY 10
Day two of Phase 2 and Yiota’s bum was already getting perkier. It’s probably due to those heavier squat exercises!
@fitazfk progress ?? Thanks for the stalker pic @thessy.k"


DAY 11
Phase 2 exercises are a step up from Phase 1. They are harder and require more strength, this is why we include more carbs and protein into the diet to keep up with the more intense exercises!
“Work work work ?? Smashing our @fitazfk workout with my training bud @thessy.k"


DAY 13
Phase 2 was Yiota’s favourite Phase of the whole guide. Yiota felt that after her Phase 1 cleanse, her body felt extra energised during Phase 2! It may have been the addition of carbs, or the facts that she finally was starting to see results. Really, look at those abs!
DAY 18
Phase 2 exercises are a little – how should we put this – intense? But this is a good thing. We went easy on you in Phase 1 in order to prepare your body for maximum results. Also, our exercises take advantage of all your muscle groups – you can see Yiota here strengthening her arm muscles.
“I love that I can do the workouts anywhere and that they’re 28 minutes long with only 18 minutes of actual work. I also love how they tone your whole body”
DAY 24
How to stay sane and get through 28 days? Have your BFF by your side the entire time. Working out everyday can sometimes seem like a burden. But when you’ve got your favourite human right beside you helping you push through it – it’s a whole lot easier (and fun-er, too).
“Training buddy is a must @thessy.k
DAY 28
*applause* *applause* This is what our guide is all about. Creating goals and smashing them!! Yiota set out to tone her body and overcome her bad eating habits… 28 days later she’s done exactly that as well as learning to increase her food consumption in a healthier way! Oh, and the bonus of losing 6.3 cm from her waist, of course! 
“I did it! ?? My @fitazfk Home Workout Guide is complete and I feel amazing. I’m feeling stronger, less bloated and more toned which is everything I had set out to be a month ago.”

"I felt amazing after the Fitazfk Home Workout Guide. The food guidelines really helped me to de-bloat around the waist, wake up energised and gave me healthy, glowing skin. The exercises were easy to follow and complete each day and I really noticed a lot more toning of my arms, legs and stomach. With the knowledge I learned during the 28 day guide, I’ve been able to maintain a healthier, more active lifestyle that I love.”