How To Slay FitazFk Phase 1, Step-by-Step

How To Slay FitazFk Phase 1, Step-by-Step
Here at FitazFK, we thrive off exercise. Exercise is movement. Movement releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy. This mixture of exercise and a good fking attitude enhances your well-being which ultimately gives you the tools to live your best life! But just like exercise, we also believe nutrition and sustaining a healthy diet is equally as important.  
If you’ve heard about our FitazFK challenges or are currently on one, you’d know that other than sweating out to our 28-minute workout, what you put in your belly matters just as much. 
These challenges are designed to give your body the ultimate transformation, guiding you step by step to reach your optimum health and fitness goals. But the truth is, what really makes or breaks these challenges, are the three carefully designed phases that your body will go through. From these three phases, the first phase is without a doubt the most IMPORTANT! 
If you’re finding that you struggle with this phase or are lacking motivation to even start, I suggest you keep reading because you’re about to be guided through 6 essential tips to get you through this one week process.
Phase one of FitazFK is easily one of the hardest, but hands down the most rewarding if executed properly. This phase is designed to optimise your body’s natural ability to cleanse; eliminating, preparing and stimulating specific functions of the body for rapid, but healthy weight loss. In this one-week process, your body will experience dramatic changes, as you drop kilos from the reduction of fluid retention. That’s right, you could be losing up to 5kg in just seven days! 
Real talk though. We aren’t here to give you a cheat sheet on how to tackle phase 1, drop a few kilos in less than a week then wait a few weeks to go through the same cleanse again. Our role is to show you the value of cleansing your body and the benefits you will gain beyond the first phase. 
Our goal, and the reason we created phase 1, is to essentially create a habit for you which progressively turns into a lifestyle. We work with you as you ease into exercise and begin to eliminate food groups which will later be reintroduced as you move onto the next phases. This process serves as a tool to find out what foods upset you and what doesn’t.  
Not only that, but the exercises have been specifically tailored to not kill you in the first week but instead push you to a level where you gain confidence and a sense of love for movement. 

Phase 1 is not sunshine and rainbows. It can be challenging, but we teach you the mental game and discipline to get through the seven days. You will be saying adios to foods such as dairy products, red meats, those carby goods (gluten-based grains), sugary treats and most importantly caffeine and alcohol. While this might not be what your system is used to, especially if you have made a habit of eating sugary, processed foods, we are here to tell you it can be done! We have 100’s of girls around the world who can show you their results to prove it. 

If you want to slay phase 1 of your challenge and stay on top of your cleanse, here are some handy hints worth jotting down. 
1.     Introduce a “Teaser” Week
The biggest issue we find when challengers dive straight into Phase 1 is that they reach day two and crack! Especially if caffeine is your weak spot. Starting a week earlier and trying to quit one thing before you actually begin Phase 1 is one of the best things you can do. If you find cutting caffeine the most difficult, or maybe even gluten, try eliminating that first to get a “feel” for the guide. 
2.    Stay Hydrated
If you’re constantly feeling hungry even after you eat, having a big glass of water pre and post meals is a great way to suppress your appetite and feed your brain with that full sensation. You should be aiming to drink at least 2-3 litres a day! Adding a few slices of lemon is also a great way to boost your metabolism and add a refreshing taste. 
3.    Make Green tea your Best Friend
If you find you’re getting headaches, nausea or begin to feel light-headed, don’t be alarmed, this is completely natural! It’s not because you are doing something unhealthy to your body. It’s the opposite! Your body is so reliant on things it doesn’t need that these symptoms are due to withdrawal. Our challengers who LOVE coffee suffer from this the most. We suggest sticking to green tea! It’s the fking bomb and trust us, after three days, you will no longer be craving caffeine. Hang in there girl…. 
4.     ACV all the way
Apple Cider Vinegar should be your go to when knuckling into Phase 1! This bad boy is fking mint when diluted in a glass of cold (or warm water). It will absorb into the body whole lot faster, proven to ease bloating and reset that digestive system. Try to get into the habit of this mixture every morning, or even before you go to bed. 
5.    Aim for five meals a day
Make sure you eat regularly. This means breakfast, lunch and dinner, with two snacks in between. Always remember to eat dinner at a reasonable time. You want at least 10 hours between dinner and breaky. 
6.    Get your beauty sleep
Last but not least, get that beauty sleep! You’d be surprised at what 7-8 hours of good deep sleep can do to you. Red meat can actually hinder you reaching a deep sleep… so we cut this out in Phase 1! After a couple of days, you should be feeling really well rested and prepared to jump into Phase 2. 
We can’t stress enough this “cleansing” phase isn’t an exclusive diet for our challengers. Anyone can do this, and at any time! This cleanse phase can do wonders if you’ve felt like you’ve lost that healthy balance in your life or you want to kick start your passion for health again. 
The FitazFK Army Facebook Community is a great way to connect like-minded FitazFK babes all around the world. Here is where we share tips and tricks on how to manage the cleansing phase 24/7 (or even some words of encouragement if you are struggling with Phase 1). Who knows, you might just find you next workout buddy here too! 
Not part of this group? By simply purchasing any of our guides, you will be granted instant access to the community. 
So there you have it guys, 6 handy tips to make your cleanse a whole hell easier and give you an insight on how we can help you turn good habits into a fking good lifestyle.