How to Have a Healthy Guilt-Free Easter

How to Have a Healthy Guilt-Free Easter

Easter equals chocolate, amiright? Whilst easter is a magical time of year that usually concludes with a food coma and a chocolate overload, it doesn’t mean that you have to have a repeat of last year and eat an excessive amount of food. Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy Easter and take care of your body, mind and soul simultaneously. Here are five ways to have a healthy guilt-free Easter.

Get your day off to a cracking start

We’d like to hope that every single day, you start your day with a healthy, hearty breakfast. So, Easter should be no eggception (see what we did there?). Over Easter we encourage you to stick to your usual breakfast routine and make sure you include a source of protein at breakfast time. Not only will this help stabilise appetite and keep your energy in check, but it’ll also help reduce those chocolate cravings during the day. And since well, eggs are a traditional Easter fare, why not include them in your brekkie.

P.S. Avoid frying your eggs in bacon fat or adding butter to your scrambled eggs. Poached and boiled eggs keep the saturated fats down.

Keep on moving

Keeping up with your exercise routine over Easter is important for keeping the mind clear and keeping energy levels up. Choose activities that you actually enjoy and don’t seem like a chore. Forgive us for sounding somewhat childish - but planning an easter egg hunt or egg rolling competition for one, is something to get the whole family involved and can be something out of the norm to remain active. Also, activities like going for a beach walk before lunch or a hiking with a group of friends after lunch can also get you moving!

Say it with moderation

It goes without saying - all foods are okay in moderation! Easter is the ideal time to put this into practice. We know Easter is filled with hot cross buns and gorging on chocolate, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat everything all at once. Hear us out. Why not savour all the chocolate and goodies you receive over the Easter period, and make them part of your healthy, balance diet - as opposed to ruining your diet in one day. Keep your usual eating habits at bay, and add a chocolate egg as a treat after dinner or a snack. In saying that, please let go of the belief that one tiny treat will undo all your hard work. You deserve a piece of chocolate (in moderation).

Enjoy a healthy Easter lunch

In charge of the Easter lunch? Perfect. Here’s you chance to wow the family with all the healthy food you’ve become a pro at making. Try some of your mastered recipes such as lamp with a veggie couscous, or a roast chicken with a plethora of green vegetables and salad. If you’re not in charge of Easter lunch, try stick to your usual eating plan - protein, veggies and a handful of carbs for energy. And no one said you can’t have dessert, if carrot cake is the pudding of the day, treat yourself to a reasonable slice that won’t have you on the treadmill for hours the day after. Above all, enjoy yourself, Easter is a celebration after all!