Finding your WHY!

Finding your WHY!
How do you find your passion and purpose in life? And how do you live it?
Two pretty broad questions huh. Maybe we should re-phrase the title of this blog article because as a matter of fact, your purpose and passion in life aren’t things you need to go out and find… they find you! They are within you.. and they have always been. You just need to peel off the layers and look a little bit deeper. 
Or maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t have a passion…” “I have no idea where to even begin”
If that sounds familiar, ask yourself this…
What lights me up?
What makes my heart sing?
What makes me jump out of bed every day?
What do I spend hours and hours doing.. just for fun?

Finding fulfilment is a right, not a privilege. Finding fulfilment in life starts with understanding exactly WHY you do what you do.
Once you understand your WHY, you’ll be able to clearly articulate what makes you feel fulfilled and to better understand what drives your behaviour when you’re at your natural best.
When you can do that, you’ll have a point of reference for everything you do going forward.
You’ll be able to make more intentional choices for your business, your career, and your life.
You’ll be able to inspire others to buy from you, work with you and join you, whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.
Makes sense right? But in order to get somewhere, you need to define your end goal.
The sooner you define it, the clearer everything else will be.
However, you can’t put a time on it. Say what?
You can’t force yourself to find your why tomorrow or next month, or even next year. But by all means, you should search for clarity, move closer to the life you crave - explore, experiment, enjoy! Your purpose in life is to find and do the things that make you smile, laugh and forget time. Remember those questions we asked you at the start? 
And finding this right direction in life, is something you create. You make the decision to act. To Try. To do something. No matter how big or small. Stop thinking about taking action and just act!
Once you find your “why” or “purpose” or have defined what you are striving for and what you want, it becomes easier to deal with doubts, fear and you can overcome any obstacle. It becomes easier to not get distracted from what is important, keep your focus and keep moving.
This “living on purpose” means you live intentionally. You have a sense of direction. An end goal.
And this strong sense of purpose fuels your motivation.

People who have made genuine changes in their lives, and managed to get through tough times, are not stronger, more intelligent or fearless than you. They’re no better. The only difference is the decision to act in the direction of their dreams. Day in. Day out. And once you find your why, you will be more careful and selective about your daily actions and habits.

Find your purpose and why in these 3 simple steps.
This could be financially. Emotionally. Physically. Maybe it’s time - spending more time with your family. Spending more time with your kids. Or your loved ones. Only you know what success means to you.
Close your eyes, and feel it. Feel it as if you are already “successful” This image should be as vivid as you can make it.
Getting clear about what you want is trial and error! Don’t be hard on yourself. Try something - then ask yourself, do I like this? Yes. No. What do you truly value? Time. Money. Loyalty. Integrity. Respect. Love. Get a journal and start putting down your feelings, thoughts, actions and behaviours.
Use what you write as a way to pinpoint what you are exploring - evaluate your emotions constantly.

Ask yourself, what actions, thoughts, believes and behaviours are you attracted to the most? What lights you up?
At the end of the day, the key is to do more of what you enjoy and brings out the very best in you. This is your why. This is your purpose. Stop using the excuse ‘but I don’t know what my passion is’, and start to live it. Head toward what makes your heart sing. Dust it off and start to infuse that essence into everything you do. The world needs that special gift that only you have.