How Thessy Learned to Run 3KM: Here's Her Exact Plan!

How Thessy Learned to Run 3KM: Here's Her Exact Plan!
Our girl Thessy has come a long way in her fitness journey. And so has her relationship with running.
Before hitting the pavement during her 8 WEEK CHALLENGE, Thessy despised running. Loathed it. Hated it. Couldn’t stand it. But she had one goal in mind and it was time to conquer her fear and shake up her routine.
After all, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
Together with FitazFK co-founder and her fiance, Georgio, Thessy hit the ground running (literally) with the ultimate interval training plan to hit her goal, running 3KM unbroken.
Today, Thessy goes for her weekly run twice a week, running 3KM straight comfortably and without any breaks.
Here’s her step-by-step interval training plan:
Firstly, set out a 30 minute rout and follow the below routine:
WEEK 1 - Walk 90 seconds, Run 90 seconds
WEEK 2 - Walk 60 seconds, run 2 minutes
WEEK 3 - Walk 30 seconds, run 2 minutes 30 seconds
WEEK 4 - Run 3KM unbroken
Thessy would complete this twice a week for maximum results.
Here are some of her other tips that have helped her perfect her technique:
  1. Relax your arms, lift your knees and visualise yourself striding through

  2. Recovery is super important. Ensure you are taking deep breaths and take time to stretch to avoid injury

  3. When you feel like giving up, keep going. There’s no better feeling than that accomplishment at the finish line.

We hope this helps you shake up your fitness routine and helps you achieve your running goals!