Hitting a Plateau? Need To Shake Up Your Challenge? We've Got Just The Thing!

Hitting a Plateau? Need To Shake Up Your Challenge? We've Got Just The Thing!
This one goes out to all our babes who are on their FitazFK journey!
Maybe you’re hitting up your challenge workouts & all of a sudden, you’ve built up your strength, endurance and stamina… the workouts seem “too easy.”
Bam our work here is done!
Okay, there’s always a few modifications to advance and do more!
Here’s how to shake up your FitazFK Workouts.
  1. Re-test your burpee score
    Remember when we made you complete your maximum reps of burpees in 1 minute at the start of your challenge? It’s that time again! Re-testing your burpee score is the perfect way to assess your current physical ability and determine your NEW fitness level. Here’s a little image to help you refresh your memory!
2. But what if my burpee score stays the same?
If you find your burpee score remains the same, we suggest increasing your weight where possible. Our workouts are designed to incorporate a progressive overload by nature (meaning each phase becomes a little bit more difficult than the last), so don’t go up to much. Here’s a guideline for you:
6KG Kettlebell > 8KG
8KG Kettlebell > 12 KG
12KG Kettlebell >16KG
At the end of the day, we always want you to increase your reps before you increase your weights. Unless sheer strength is your optimal goal, where you will stay at the same reps (10,14 or 18), you would then increase your weight. If this is your goal, we also recommend slowing the tempo of each rep.
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