Check In Time: A Challenge Update From Thessy!

Check In Time: A Challenge Update From Thessy!
Okay, so you’ve survived PHASE 1 of your FitazFK in 8 Week Challenge - see it wasn’t as hard as you thought right?
I get it. We’re all human and finding the motivation 24/7 can leave us high and dry. But before you even THINK about giving up, I wanted to remind you you’re not on your own and I’m here with you on this journey every step of the way.
Well first things first, I’m currently sitting in the 55Kgs! Only two more to go until I hit my goal / pre-baby weight. Now I know it’s not only about what you look on the outside… but I can tell you I feel 100 times better on the inside.
I feel lighter - purely because I have WAY more energy! I am sleeping better and I am feeling a whole lot stronger. I was able to complete my workouts with ease by the end of Phase 1 so I’ve increased my reps and now I complete 18x reps per exercise to continue the challenge. If you feel like you’re blitzing through your workouts, give the burpee challenge another go to retest your score. However, keeping in mind, there is a progressive overload in phase 2, meaning, it will become slightly harder anyway.
I am much less bloated on the daily and I actually don’t crave anything “sugary” anymore. I did have my first cheat meal on Sunday (first one in 6 months and boy it was good) but I am back on the horse and ready to continue moving forward.
My relationship with food has changed drastically and it’s something I am really embracing every day.


Like I said at the start… to be honest, phase one wasn’t too bad. I still managed to enjoy a large variety of food which I love. This is important for me because as soon as I get bored, I tend to stray. I guess the only challenge I would have to say is having a lower amount of carbs.
Going from doing slow and heavy 14 reps to a faster 18 reps has really helped increase my endurance! It helps build my cardio which is also a win-win.
I’ve been slogging it out for 6 months straight and I’m actually quite proud of myself. I never thought I could do it. And don’t get me wrong it’s fking hard. I’m mentally drained and physically too… from being a full-time mum, to working long hours and then having to train… it definitely takes its toll. But at the end of the day, I can’t put a price on how healthy and fit I genuinely feel. I never thought I would have the mental capacity to stick to something like this for so long, but I actually enjoy it! I truly see exercise differently now… it’s not just about the end goal or final destination… it’s about how I view every day and embracing this journey.
Changing up my routine has helped also - I’ve constantly had a refresh and shake up in my training. I went from using the FitazFK App everyday straight into the challenge and now we are almost half way! After my wedding, I know I’ll come back and hit up the FitazFK App again which includes loads of workouts I can do either in the gym, home or park - so I’ll never get bored!
This definitely helps someone like me to continue moving forward and look at the next phase. The thought of having 1000s of girls world wide doing this with me and motivating me along the way really helps me put one foot in front of the other. To have the ability to genuinely inspire and motivate people is something truly special!
So no matter where you’re at in your journey, take it from me - it is worth it, you are worth it and in no time at all you’ll see not only your body change but your mindset too, living a healthy FitazFK life!
Thess xx
PS If you haven’t started your 8 week challenge, click on this link to find out more and get everything you need!