Everything You Need To Know About Phase 2: FitazFK 8 Week Challenge!

Everything You Need To Know About Phase 2: FitazFK 8 Week Challenge!

Congratulations you’ve survived the last fortnight of your FitazFK with Thessy 8 Week challenge!

You’re feeling lighter, clearer and not to mention you’re booty is feeling a whole lot more toned. Oh and those abs are starting to pop!
But it’s time to up your game and add more resistance and dynamic movements to your sessions. Phase 2 also includes a tailored nutrition plan with an increase in proteins and carbs to ensure you’re getting the MAX nutrients and energy to smash out every workout session.
We also know what you’re thinking… “Great I can start to introduce carbs into my diet again. But I don’t want to ruin all of my hard work for the past 2 weeks. Especially falling for caffeine again!” We can’t stress enough how important it is to stick to our nutrition plan.
H.I.T., L.S.D. & rest days = Low Carbohydrate Days
E.M.O.M. = Higher Carbohydrate & Protein Days!
Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. We’ve broken it down for you so you can continue to smash your 8 Week Journey!
  1. The Return of Caffeine

Gods be good, your morning cup of coffee has returned! But take it easy. Be smart and limit you intake to one cup a day to maximise your results. We suggest sticking to an espresso or black to avoid the extra calories with milk. We also suggest sticking to ONE CUP a day only or even every second day.
2. Eat More Good Quality Carbs
Phase 2 reintroduces GOOD & SIMPLE carbs, to help fuel you on your E.M.O.M days and build muscle tone. What’s a simple carb? Rye, brown rice, sweet potato. Keep in mind that portion sizes need to be watched!
Some of our fave meals on these days include: Overnight Oats, Eggs & Avocado on Toast, Sweet Potato Salad or a delish Quinoa & Broccoli Salad.
3. Maintain Low Carbs on H.I.T., L.S.D and rest days
We suggest sticking to low carb breakfasts and dinners during these days to assist with fat burning! Lunches and snacks remain consistent throughout the training days in this phase. The easiest way to remember this is to try and stick to the same meal plan as phase 1. No grains, no high starch fruits and no cereals!
4. Continue To Avoid Alcohol & Sugar
Avoid sugary foods, beverages & alcohol. Foods such as honey are best to be consumed raw and make sure to watch your portion size. Maintain 2.2L of water per day, aim for 300mL before each meal and snack.

5. Increase Your Workouts & Resistance Levels

Phase 2 introduces the use of our FitazFK equipment to enhance your movements, increase muscle tone and build strength. Our resistance bands, gliders and booty bands have been designed to tone, sculpt & define your muscles! And the best part? You can still exercise ANYWHERE!
Get everything you need as part of our 8 WEEK BUNDLE here.
Still trying to get your head around phase 2? We’ve got some fire-away questions to help you stay on track!
Here’s What You Need To Know
What if I am completing my reps with ease?
Awesome work! You’ve build up your strength and stamina in the last 2 weeks. It’s time to retake that burpee test and re-test your fitness levels.
I’m losing motivation… help!
This is totally normal. But we always suggest reminding yourself why you started in the first place! To feel accomplished? To feel stronger? To feel confident in that bikini in Greece? Whatever it is, your reasons are valid! Don’t forget to take that before and after photo to help you stay accountable and on track!
I’m so scared of feeling like I need caffeine to function again. How can I avoid this?
As mentioned, we suggest sticking to 1 cup a day or even every second day.
Are we allowed to eat honey / maple syrup in phase 2?
We suggest eating raw honey (in its purest form). Try to avoid maple syrup where possible due to its additives. But if you’re craving something sweet, try introducing cacao as a natural sweetener to smoothies etc.
What are the best grains to eat? Try to stick to RYE or WHOLEGRAIN options. Avoid white and multi-grain breads (ie. Ciabattas, Turkish Breads and Bagels). You know what they say.. if its brown, shove it down ;) Brown rice cakes / thins are also okay.
Are we allowed to eat red meat? Yes! In moderation. We do suggest sticking to white meat (chicken and fish instead)
What types of fruit and veggies can I eat? We suggest trying to stay as low-starch as possible on your HIT and LSD days but on your EMOM days you can enjoy sweet potato, corn, legumes, broccolli etc.
Are we allowed to eat dairy? Stick to non dairy options (almond, coconut or soy milks) and enjoy fetta or cottage cheese in moderation.
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