Eat More, Look Better!

Eat More, Look Better!
Eat more, weigh less. This is definitely one of the most unconvincing and underrated health concepts. It sounds both unrealistic, and unachievable. Because how could you possibly eat more and still lose weight, right?
But here at FitazFK, we want give this challenging topic a little more credit, and a LOT more emphasis… because it really does work.
The secret is all in the quality of food you eat. Basically, eating SMARTER = more food for you. Now we’re talking your language!

There is a common misconception that eating smaller amounts of “unhealthy foods” is equal to eating a large meal of “healthy food”. Guess what? That’s not true.

Also not true? Eating less equals WEIGHING less. 
And why? Because your body NEEDS energy to get through the day and if it doesn’t, it becomes remarkably good at storing the food you’re eating (basically, slowing down your metabolism) and starts eating away at muscle for energy. Factor in all of this and BOOM, you’re actually putting on weight, rather than losing it. 
Here are some helpful tips that will help you change your relationship with food! 
It’s no secret that the food we eat out at a restaurant or takeaway shop is almost always higher in calories than if you were to make the dish at home… but we want to stress that eating at home doesn’t have to be boring!
One huge way to find a balance between foods is to make macro friendly variations of your favourite foods! For example, healthy fish and chips! By sourcing lean meat and either steaming, grilling or even slightly battering is a much healthier option to deep fried foods.
Secondly, choose to opt for low-calorie & low GI sides! Make your own chips from scratch with sweet potato, and add salad to substitute for extra chips!
See! There’s proof that you can eat wholesome, healthy food, that you can eat LOTS of, and will keep you fuller for longer. Not to mention, these small changes will have a significant impact on your body’s ability to utilise your energy!

Love the idea of clean fish and chips? We’ve got a recipe for that! Head to our blog for the full recipe! 
Wondering why you’re not losing weight, even though you may think you’re eating healthy? 
We’ve got bad news. The apple juice (the silent, sugar filled killer) you had for breakfast, chocolate frappe at lunch, and yes, that bottle of wine you had for dinner is undoing ALL of your progress.

You may think drinks “don’t really count” in your diet, however these bad boys are absolutely filled with sugar, preservatives and unnecessary calories that are attributing to your weight gain. That’s why they taste so FKing good!

Did you know there are over 300 calories in a Starbucks’ Iced Chocolate Mocha? And over 240 calories in a standard Mojito cocktail? This would be fine, except for the fact that we rarely stop at 1 (more like 4). Add these baddies up and you’re consuming over 900 calories in drinks alone, which contributes to more than half of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of an 1800 calorie diet. 
To combat this, try drinking more water instead! We suggest freezing little pieces of fruit in ice-cubes, and popping those in your water for added taste! If you crave fizzy drinks, try a soda stream!

Fun fact, our bodies often recognise thirst for HUNGER! Seriously! So make sure that you drink a big glass of water before you sit down to eat. Chances are, you weren’t as hungry as you thought. 
News flash… If you’re hungry, EAT! This is a big red flag for most people. The thought that prolonging your hunger period will help with weight loss is not entirely true, and may actually slow your metabolism down over time.  
Still hungry after dinner? (Have you read our blog on binge eating?) This is a clear sign that your body hasn’t been fed enough! Eating proactively throughout the day will reduce those “hunger” feelings! So listen to your body, and feed it consistently, simple as that! 

If you’re still hungry before bed (who isn’t!), eat a snack that won’t wreck your waistline. And by that we mean reaching for the whole grains instead of the cookies… You feel me?
Be proactive, not reactive. By this we mean plan. Planning your meals and eating times will reduce your cravings for bad food, and in turn you won’t be starving for hot chips every 30 minutes. Win!
Want a food plan that suits you? Our 8 Week Challenge guide comes with a detailed 3-phase nutritional plan to help you stay on track and beat those cravings!