3 Phases of Building a Habit...and Sticking To It

3 Phases of Building a Habit...and Sticking To It
At the start of every New Year, or change of seasons most of us are fuelled with enough motivation to achieve our resolutions three times over. But then life gets in the way, work throws us a curve ball, letting Netflix lure us in with binge-worthy series’ to distract us from how driven we once felt.
The good news is all of these things are formed habits. Showing us that actually yes we do have the ability to create habits and stick to them. Now all we need to do is take what we’re doing subconsciously for bad habits and use it for ones that will turn us into the best versions of ourselves.
21 days to form a habit is a myth. Everyone is different, but we all usually move through the same phases.
By understanding the process it can help you to stay motivated. This is SOOOOO important if your goals include health and fitness.
If you’re completing, or considering launching your fitness crusade with our 28 Day Guide then check back here to see where you’re at. The habit will stick, even when the booty is burning and the cravings are real.

Be too stubborn to quit!
Do we even need to explain this phase? Everything is awesome. The universe has aligned to help you start your plans, turning them into life time habits. You won’t shut up about how great this is going to be, but most importantly, you’ve actually started. Remember this feeling, you’ll need it to come back to when the morale starts to fade.
This is the hardest part! This is the part where most people quit (but not you. not this time!) Inspiration starts to fade, reality and those old comforts or temptations start to creep in. Instead of letting the bad vibes in. Just acknowledge them. To win here, all you need to do is turn up, fight through the slump and keep on grinding through.

Find a mantra that works for you and repeat it anytime you CBF or want to quit. This is YOUR journey, and of course other people make great motivators, if you can conquer your mind and resist the urge to give up then this habit will stick.

Oh hell yes! You are nearly there. In this phase the habit feels natural and things are looking on track. But negatives might creep in. Maybe it’s because the results aren’t what you expected, your holiday was filled will so much beautiful food and wine it seems impossible to get back on track. All these things will send you right back to phase two. FFS!

All you need to do is push through it. Be kind to yourself. No matter how many times you loop through phase two and three, eventually it the habit will stick.

Of course, there are plenty of extra ways to kick your own butt and motivation techniques to inspire yourself while going through each of these phases.

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Now go ahead and make beautiful beautiful habits!