Beat The Binge!

Beat The Binge!

Recently, our FitazFK cofounders and health and fitness moguls Georgio Batsinilas and Aaron Mcallister spoke to Mamamia about one particular issue that a lot of us seem to struggle with… Binge eating. 

Finally… The dreaded B word.

We know how hard it is to stop bingeing on unhealthy treats after dinner. You know what I’m talking about… Those ‘after dinner’ treats where you end up eating every biscuit, packet of chips, chocolate ice-cream and any other goods that you can get your hands on for an epic snack session. 

But at FitazFK, we don’t believe in dieting as the appropriate solution to curb this bad food habit, we believe the key to curbing those cravings lies with one four-letter word… P- L- A- N. 

When it comes to over-eating it’s all in the set-up, and most importantly NOT setting yourself up to fail.

By that, we mean not feeding yourself lettuce cups and coffee throughout the day… only to find yourself starving at 8pm. 

For all your girls and guys who struggle with binge eating, Aaron and Georgio have developed a simple 4-step plan that’ll help you tackle your cravings and FK those bad habits! 


This is the obvious first step. Because without a detailed meal plan, you’re almost doomed for failure. 

Our clients never feel the need to over indulge in unhealthy foods because we supply them with a meal plan that helps them maintain a consistent energy level… not to mention it keeps you full! 

Keep in mind that you will need to plan your meals around healthy proteins (such as meat, eggs, oats, chickpeas, natural yoghurt) and low GI foods ( such as sweet potato, lentils, grains and dairy). 

For a detailed meal plan, head to our 8 Week Challenge Guide where we have not only provided you with a meal plan to nourish your body with the right kind of energy, but you also get the perfect 3 phase exercise plan! 


Snacking is essentially the result of poor food planning. And I hate to tell you, but missing breakfast, and being inconsistent with meal times is the biggest contributor to your poor food habits. 

Creating a consistent schedule in what you're eating (and when you’re eating), can be a great way to develop a healthy routine that your body will happily stick to. 

Our tip to FKing nailing it? Spend some time preparing your meals in advance for your busy week ahead means you give yourself no excuse! 

Step 3. PLAN TO STICK TO YOUR SCHEDULED EATING (no skipping meals!) 

It’s all well and good to plan what you eat, and when you’re going to eat it… but for this to be effective you have to put it into practice.

Simply “forgetting” to eat because you were busy is no excuse, but we do know how hard it can be to stick to an eating routine when you’ve got a busy schedule.

If this sounds like you, we suggest that you prepare accordingly by making meals that don’t require a fridge, and pack foods in portable-friendly containers. 


Sleep. This tip is last but definitely not the least important, and is something that you should take very seriously if you struggle with binge eating. 

Have you heard of the hormone leptin? This busy little hormone is responsible for making you feel full, and unfortunately is significantly reduced when you spend too many nights with too little sleep.

To combat this, we suggest getting your recommended eight hours AT LEAST. 

Try meditating or stretching before going to bed in order to relax your body (or Georgio’s favourite chamomile tea before bed).

As a bonus, by sleeping longer you have at least 3 to 5 LESS hours to snack each day. WIN. 

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Happy meal planning!