A Wellness Staple That Will Have You Glowing

A Wellness Staple That Will Have You Glowing
Just as we thought 2018’s health trends were coming to a close, the most abundant protein in the human body, is fast becoming the wellness staple of the year.
Housed in our amazing bodies, collagen is found in our skin, bones, muscles and tendons, essentially being the glue that holds our body together. It acts as a bit of a scaffold, providing structure and strength to different features in our body.
You know that young glowing skin and wrinkle-less firm face we had as a child…we have collagen to thank for that! We know right…where have you been all our life??
Basically, our skin is made up of 75% collagen, but with age and exposure to different factors such as UV light and smoking, its production in the body begins to decline. 
After the age of 25 it begins to reduce at a rate of 1.5% a year, and once you hit 45, your collagen levels can fall up to 30%! Scary right! 
But we’re here to tell you there’s a way to stop this!
The collagen that is found naturally in the body is known as endogenous collagen. However there’s also collagen that can come from an outside source, such as a supplement. This is Exogenous collagen. 
And this is where all the hype is created…
Replenishing collagen levels seems to be the latest craze, and we can see why, when it’s as simple as adding a sachet into your next Fitazfk approved smoothie or dissolved in a glass of water. 
Now found in powered form, collagen can be marine or animal based, and used to benefit the building blocks that maintain our skin, hair, nails and bones. Other benefits include:
  • Increases skin hydration 

  • Fights the signs of ageing 

  • Improves and strengthens hair and nails 

  • Helps with injury prevention and tissue repair (a great supplement pre and post FitazFK workouts!)

  • Promotes optimal skin function 

  • Reduction in hair loss 

But out of all the benefits, glowing skin is by far the fking best! Who doesn’t want to have that young, fresh looking skin when you’re 50!
So do yourself a favour and go get some much needed collagen into that bod!
Struggling to find the right supplement? ATP Science offer a variety of Collagen supplements, or if you’re searching for something a little more home grown…keep an eye out for our new, up and coming supplement, Keto GLO, founded by our very own FitazFk co-owners; Georgio and Aaron. Watch this space for more.