5 Ways to Beat the 330PM Slump

5 Ways to Beat the 330PM Slump

Ah, the dreaded 3 pm lull…all of a sudden you’re zoning out, you’re craving sugar and you’re ready for a nap! Sound familiar?

Falling victim to the 330 slump on more than one occasion has become the reality for most. From early morning starts to living out that 9-5 grind paired with a few too many late night Netflix binges can really begin to take a toll. Again, guilty!

Most of us have been there: a super productive morning finishing projects and ticking off that endless checklist. Then the clock strikes three and we might as well pull down the shades and call it a day.

Sometimes you feel it coming from a mile away, and other times it hits you like a tonne of bricks. When you feel your eyelids begin to droop and energy levels plummet, it’s probably your body telling you it’s time to take a step back and make some changes to your daily routine.

That said, we’ve discovered some helpful tips and tricks to help perk those energy levels back up to help you power through your day...without reaching for that 5th shot of coffee.

Check out our top tips that’ll have you ready to go for a killer afternoon …

Get Moving
Exercising naturally boosts blood flow to your brain and throughout your body, which can prevent you feeling tired (big yes!). Having a change of scenery and leaving the confines of your workspace can also work wonders for your productivity levels! Not only does it provide mental stability and clarity to make for a creative and constructive afternoon but you’ll be left feeling healthier and happier.

Only have 30 minutes on your lunch break? That’s more than enough time to smash out a workout. Our easy to follow Fitness Programs are designed to allow you to get the MAX out of your workouts in minimal time! (28 mins to be exact). So grab your work bestie and get #fitazfk together. Workout anytime, anywhere in just 28 minutes!

How many times have you found yourself aimlessly scrolling through Instagram in the middle of the day? Minimising that screen time and practising mindfulness to focus on one thing that allows our minds and bodies to feel present can work wonders for brain stimulation.

Here’s a few meditation apps to get you started:
You’ll love this if… You are a beginner to meditation and don’t know where to start! Listen here.

-Smiling Mind
You’ll love this if… You want to try a different meditation topic each day. From managing stress to connecting the breath with your emotions, these various little modules are great for a break! Listen here.

- Insight Timer
You’ll love this if… You feel like listening to health and wellness style talks or want a variety of meditations to choose from. Listen here.

Create an Awesome Afternoon Playlist
A great playlist can be the best mini escape from the office and daily grind of 9-5 life. Listening to a couple of your favourite tunes for a few minutes will leave you feeling feeling refreshed and ready to take on the remainder of the day when you come back to the office. Don’t have time to step out? Listen with headphones at your desk to really hone in on a task and side-step that sleepiness!

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration
Proper hydration is critical to maintain effective body and brain function and it can actually help to turn your afternoon around. When our bodies become dehydrated, we begin to feel less energetic and may have more difficulty focussing. Are you really hungry for that 330PM chocolate Freddo or are you thirsty?

Studies have shown an ice cold glass of good old H20 has proven to be just the shock the brain needs to perk up. We try to aim for at least 2 litres a day (find out how we make that happen here) Keep yourself accountable and make sure you’re getting your daily dose of H20!
Grab a Healthy Snack
When feeling tired in the mid-afternoon your instincts may be gravitating you towards that sweet temptation. These quick fixes cause your blood sugar to rise sharply and then drastically fall! Hello crash and burn. This will often lead to a sudden decline in energy levels, leaving you feeling worse.

Instead, make sure your afternoon snack contains plenty of protein and some complex carbs! These will leave you feeling fuller for longer and so much more energised! So next time you reach for that little afternoon pick me up, try and opt for a granola bar, bowl of fruit or raw veggies with hummus.

Keep these top FitazFK approved tips handy next time you feel an afternoon snooze creeping in…


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