28 Days Until Spring... Here's How To Get Ahead!

28 Days Until Spring... Here's How To Get Ahead!
The cold snap is almost over and it’s time to swap your beanies for bikinis babe! Because Spring is NEXT month. Yes let’s let that sink in for a while. NEXT month.
But we know what you’re thinking.
“Fk, I haven’t worked out as much as usual... it’s just too cold!”
“My diet has been all over the place. I just love pizza and pasta…”
“Somehow Netflix & Chill with ice cream on the couch has just been far more appealing…”
Don’t worry, we’ve heard it all. But we’re here to also tell you, you only need 28 days to get your mind and body back on track, with our Fitaz in 28 Days Guide.
Wait what?
Yep, here’s the lowdown.
Through our years of experience with clients, friends and training ourselves… we have found short-term challenges are some of the most effective as they are both realistic and achievable! Our training and meal guide has been designed around a 28 day duration, as our research shows this is enough time to eliminate bad habits and create a healthy foundation for a better lifestyle.
However, our primary goal at the end of these 28 days is to set you up for a long-term lifestyle, that will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and practical experience to maintain this way of life indefinitely. Or maybe you want another challenge? You can definitely try something a little more longer term with our 8 Week Challenge. Or even better, integrate our FitazFK App (with specifically designed workouts for gym, home or outdoors) into your everyday life. Get a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL here.
We know that life gets busy, so we planned these short, sharp sessions to provide you with maximum benefits in minimal time. With 5 minutes warm up and down on either side of your workout, that’s technically ONLY 18 MINUTES of the conditioning phase ie. WORK. Don’t discount your warm ups and cool downs however, they are of equal importance as they prepare your body for the next day of intense training and prevent injuries.
We’ve designed our workouts to use minimal, to no equipment at all! Some of our weighted exercises include the use of a kettlebell, but if you don’t have access to one, don’t fret! You can always use a really heavy book or a dumbell.
We get it. You’re bursting with motivation the first 3 days and then life starts to get in the way… that’s why our workouts are always different and we’ve incorporated some different styles of training into our guides too! Along with our traditional E.M.O.M. sessions (this is explained in our guide), we have also included L.S.D. (long slow distance training) and H.I.T. to really get that blood pumping!
We’ve carefully designed an easy to follow, step-by-step nutrition plan that also changes as you progress throughout the guide. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to be difficult.
Our plans are so simple and the variety is second to none! You’ll be surprised as to how creative you can get with your meals. Want to spark more inspiration? Check out our cookbook or click on RECIPES on our blog for loads more FitazFK Approved meals.
While we can’t guarantee exactly how much weight you will lost (every body is different) we can guarantee you will see significant results after the first phase. This is the CLEANSE & PREPARE phase or what we call the ELIMINATION PHASE. Your body goes into major detox and shred mode, cleansing itself out and removing all those nasty built up toxins in your organs. Plus it ensures they are all functioning properly so you’ll notice a change in your sleeping habits and glowy AF skin.
GF, here are some amazing transformations for you. We’ve helped 100,000’s bodies worldwide… you’ve got this! But we don’t just want you to be another number. By starting your journey, you also automatically receive UNLIMITED SUPPORT via our closed FB Group, “FitazFK Army.”
Stay in touch with our expert team and motivate each other - you might meet your new workout buddy here! This is a safe place, where you can ask any question about your guide, nutrition, or anything else you might need help with!
Get started now with the ultimate STARTER BUNDLE and let’s make a change together!