What Is Transform?

What Is Transform?

Let’s talk Transform…

“Which level is right for me?”

“What’s the difference between level 1 and level 2?”

“I’m 6 weeks postpartum, should I do the postpartum program or level 1?”

“Can I jump straight in and start level 3 without having to do level 1 or level 2?”

These are just some of the most common questions we get around Transform and the four programs we currently offer. 

Good news!

We’re here to help and give you the lowdown on all things Transform!

So, let’s go back to the start… What is Transform?

Transform is an all-in-one training and nutrition program designed to cater for women’s fitness journey in a chronological step-by-step approach. 

We have carefully designed Transform programs to be completed one after the other to slowly progress our community through their fitness journey with each level of Transform created to be achievable yet challenging enough to maintain momentum and achieve results.

Completed via the FitazFK app, Transform is a fitness program like no other…

With around the clock support from our health and fitness experts as well as our community of like-minded women who are on their journey, you are destined to be inspired and motivated 24/7. 

Our amazing community offers women the ability to connect with like-minded individuals who are on their own journey to transform not only their body, but their minds.

Our main goal here at FitazFK is to help women from all around the world become the best version of themselves in order to live their best, healthiest, and fulfilled lives!

Transform originally launched as a single level, the perfect introductory program for women who wanted to start or get back into their fitness journey.

From there we launch Level 2 and 3 - our intermediate and advanced programs.

Just like all aspects of life, in order to progress and grow we need to make changes and challenge ourselves, which is why we decided to create Transform Postpartum.


We designed this program specifically for women 6 to 12 weeks postpartum. 

This is an important time to nourish and love your body for all that it has been through and where it is right now. 

Before you begin Transform Postpartum it’s important that you are cleared by the appropriate professionals to ensure your body is ready for exercise.

While you MUST be cleared by your general practitioner at 6 weeks postpartum we also highly suggest being checked by a Women’s Physiotherapist, Gynaecologist, or Obstetrician to check for abdominal separation, prolapse, and the function and strength of your pelvic floor. 

We suggest this as a regular GP will not always check these areas, however this is important as a women’s physio can offer exercises and modifications to work for you and your situation.

Transform Postpartum is not a weight loss program, instead this 6-week program will help you create a beautiful mind-body connection, move in a safe way, nourish your body, and care for your mind.

By adding gentle movement and nutrition into your everyday life weight loss and changes in the body will happen naturally.

Transform Postpartum is a Pilates based program, designed by an accredited Postpartum and Pregnancy Pilates trainer to guide you safely through the next 6 weeks. 

Your training program will include 3 x workouts per week, and 2 walks sets within 2-week blocks. 

Your training schedule will look a little like this:

  • 2 x Pilates Classes
  • 1 x EMOM Workout
  • 2 x Walks

You will notice that Transform Postpartum incorporates more Pilates exercises compared to Level 1, 2, or 3, we have done this as research has shown that Pilates can:

  • Increase muscle strength and tone - especially your abdominal muscles, lower back, hip, and buttocks.
  • Balance muscular strength in both sides of your body.
  • Enhance muscular control of your back and limbs.
  • Improve the stabilisation of your spine.

This is a beautiful time in your life where you are introducing a new member to your family, take your time, be mindful and everything else will fall into place.


Transform With Thessy

Transform Level 1 is our beginner program and will provide you with 5 x 28-minute workouts per week via the FitazFK app.

Each week you will complete:

  • 3x Strength Sessions
  • 1x HIIT Session
  • 1x Interval Running Session
  • These workouts were designed to get your heart racing and blood pumping!

    From there, Transform is split up into a further 3 phases, these will take you through a total body reset - for your mind, body, and taste buds.

    Phase 1 (week 1 & 2) which consists of the first 2 weeks of the program will create that vital foundation that the new you will be built upon. 

    We will do this by increasing your consumption of plant-based wholefoods, raising awareness of portion sizes and eliminating any excess sugar, alcohol, or caffeine. 

    Phase 2 (week 3, 4, & 5) will begin a journey of long-term eating habits that support a healthy gut.

    Through a high fibre diet and increase in plant-based and fermented foods you will be creating the optimal conditions for healthy gut health. 

    We will teach you why the gut is referred to as the body’s second brain and why treating it as such is so important. 

    Phase 3 (week 6, 7, & 8) allows you to be a little bit more flexible as we have provided you with a wealth of knowledge to continue the journey to a brand new you.

    This phase will help you maintain your weight loss and also allow you to continue to reap all the benefits of your health journey. 

    Through educating you on new ways of eating and moving your body through the application of nutritional methods and workouts that designed not only to help you lose weight now allows you to continue this way of life after you finish Transform.

    Transform is more than an 8-week program, it’s a lifestyle!

    Our team of experts have ensured that our community can continue with the Transform methodology long after their 8-weeks have concluded.


    Transform Level 2 is our intermediate fitness program for women who are ready to step up their game!

    Your training schedule for Level 2 will look a little different to level 1, with the addition of our social Saturday, a day to get out of the house and get your body moving. 

    A typical week during Transform Level 2 will look a little like this…

    As Level 2 is our intermediate level our strength sessions will provide the exact foundation to feel strong!

    Through these sessions you will improve your muscular endurance and cardiac output while also building your muscle mass.

    This is where things get a little different to level 1, instead of completing 1 x HIIT session we’re going to incorporate 2.

    HIIT training is known for short bursts of maximum effort followed by a recovery phase. By pushing your body to the limit through these sessions you will be burning excess fat for hours afterwards.

    Alongside a similar circuit HIIT from Level 1, Transform Level 2 will incorporate an additional HIIT Pilates session. 

    HIIT Pilates is designed to make you move and sweat!

    This workout will focus on movements that will challenge you and lift your heart rate. There are 11 exercises to complete per round, for a total of 3 rounds.

    Lastly, you will complete 1 x interval training session per week. 

    The addition of 1 x cardio-based interval session per week optimises maximum results. This is done through a combination of effort/ recovery intervals within your cardio workout. 

    And the best part of Transform Level 2…

    Social Saturdays!

    Social Saturday’s are all about getting your body moving without even thinking about it as exercise. 

    We want you to spend this day being active whilst having fun at the same time, while this isn’t officially scheduled into your training week, we highly recommend including it.

    Social Saturday’s can include taking your dog for a puppy play date with their BFF, challenging yourself with some rock climbing, or going for a hike with your friend to get those landscape snapshots at the top…

    The options are endless!


    If you’re about to begin Transform Level 3, chances are you’ve smashed and reached your weight loss goals in Level 1 and 2. 

    Level 3, which is our advanced program, will encourage you to maximise your energy and perform at your best. 

    It will shift the focus towards a more performance-based approach with an end goal in mind. You will continue to build on your progress and continue to expand your physical ability. 

    Throughout the 3 phases of the Transform Level 3 program, you will learn how to maximise your results through the application of nutritional methods through a Mediterranean-influenced, whole food diet and our proven Transform training method. 

    As your training intensifies, it is important to be fuelling your bodies at the right time for optimal performance.

    Your week to week training schedule will include:

    Monday - HIIT Circuit

    Tuesday - Strength Session

    Wednesday - Interval Session

    Thursday - HIIT Pilates

    Friday - Strength Session

    Saturday - Run

    By Phase 3 of your Transform Level 3 journey your daily workouts are becoming more performance-based and technique-driven as we aim to reach our goal of running 10k.

    You will notice we’ve added a Saturday run workout in Level 3, we’ve done this as we encourage working towards a goal within this level, in particular a 10k run. 

    In week 1, you will complete 20 minutes of running in zone 2.

    This time will increment by 5 minutes each week so that by the end of Transform, you will be running for 55 minutes. 

    Similar to the interval session, you should be aiming to run further in distance within the session time frame. 

    You will find out more about our Saturday run session and running zones in our how to guide you receive at the time of purchase. 

    Whether you are in your living room, at the local park, or anywhere else in the world. Transform will be your home for all things health and fitness. 

    We’re here to help you transform and unlock the most empowered version of yourself!

    Are you ready? 
    By Courtney Moane

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