The science behind fat loss - we reveal the 'secret' of how to TRANSFORM your body

The science behind fat loss - we reveal the 'secret' of how to TRANSFORM your body

Chances are if you’re reading this you are looking to kickstart your fitness journey but tend to get a little bit confused with all the mumbo jumbo regarding fat loss…
And we totally get it!
It can be confusing and a tad overwhelming.
But don’t stress, below we’ve broken down all the fancy science talk and fitness lingo to give you a simplified explanation on fat loss for anyone looking to understand the process.
Our team of fitness experts have designed Transform to use simple and convenient eating habits and progressively overload strength and cardiovascular training sessions to increase your lean body mass and improve your fitness.
Transform is not a calorie restrictive program but rather a program that promotes building your body so it is a long-term fat burning machine, keeping you leaner for longer.
How will this feel?
Women lose fat just like anyone else and the key to losing fat is expending more energy than you intake.
In saying this, there is something to be said about the quality of food you eat - and reducing inflammation and bloating - using low inflammatory whole foods.
Our Transform nutritional method follows the Mediterranean diet, known as one of the oldest diets in the world with research showing that the Mediterranean diet protects against cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and promotes good general heart health. 
By following the Transform nutrition method you will be eating bright, colourful, delicious fruits and veggies as well as enriching proteins that are low inflammatory whole foods that you’ll enjoy!
In phase 1 of our Level 1 Transform program we limit the amount of inflammatory foods to help your body kickstart the fat burning process.
We often see that our community often de bloat during this time, which then propels them into their fat loss journey.
Losing fat is the same for women as it is for men, however other factors include different hormones for different sexes due to the areas we hold weight.
For women, they tend to hold their weight through the hips and the thighs whereas men are more likely to hold it in their stomach.
Many women in our Transform community feel that they lose their first bit of weight quickly.
From the debloating to then slowly working away at their other fat deposits by following the Transform nutrition method alongside our smart intuitive training method they are able to increase their lean muscle mass and increase their metabolism.
Through this they create a more efficient engine (metabolism) to burn fuel (food) more efficiently leading to increased vitality and reduced fat deposits. 
And that’s that!
Not as scary and intimidating as it looked.
If you're looking at kick-starting your fitness journey in order to become a happier and healthier version of you, this is your sign…
Join our Transform program and become the most empowered version of yourself in 2023!
By Fitaz
Written by Courtney Moane, Community Manager and Marketing Assistant.
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