The FitazFK Real Life Series: Mama of 2 & Nutritionist: Bridget Hunt

The FitazFK Real Life Series: Mama of 2 & Nutritionist: Bridget Hunt

We've been lucky enough to help over hundreds and thousands of women all around the world achieve some crazy results. 
From weight loss, to weight gain, to rebalancing sleep patterns, increasing strength, improving muscle tone and not to mention, build confidence! 
Rather than trying to tell the story ourselves, we thought you should hear it straight from the horses mouth, with the introduction of "The FitazFK Real Life Series." 
Real women. Real stories. Real transformations. And to kick things off, we would like to introduce, mama of two, Bridget Hunt. She is also a Clinical Nutritionist, wifey and an all round boss. Read on to hear her story! 

I have always been fairly athletic, playing sport growing up and exercising on a regular basis! Once I started working, exercise became a large part of life that had to be accounted for! Since having kids It would also be the one thing that was a negotiable commitment that would be the first thing to fall by the wayside when things came up, or I was tired!
I started my FitazFK journey a little over 4 weeks ago! My favourite aspect now is that exercise is now achievable, even for the time poor mothers who cant make it out of the house some days! While I was pregnant with my 2nd little boy, Bowie (a little over 4 months ago) my training schedule was pretty good, however it was only relevant to the gym I was attending and the classes they had available at a certain time of the day, which wasn’t always the most convenient so if I couldn’t go, I couldn’t go and therefore wouldn’t train.
Since starting the FitazFK method, I have been able to complete a workout 5-6 days per week, from home and from the gym. I love the flexibility the program gives you with its 28 minute only, workouts and that, the bundles come with everything you need to complete the workouts each day. My absolute favourite aspect of the workouts is that they are short, they get your heart rate up, and are challenging and they can also be done while the kids sleep!


For me this challenge hasn’t necessarily been about the weight loss, that of course is an added bonus, but since having my second little boy Bowie just over 4 months ago, this challenge has been about creating discipline and performance, gaining back my fitness that’s been set back since having the boys. Getting back into running has been the best thing for my mental clarity and mindset and its something I have truly missed! My running sessions have been a firm favourite during the weeks, and have been sticking between the circuit running sessions and HIIT running sessions.
I have been enjoying completing the 6 sessions per week, leaving me feeling energised, accomplished and positive! Exercise has been linked to increased mental clarity, productivity and reduced rates of depression, in fact people who exercise habitually are 45% less likely to show depressive symptoms (1).  When things are running positively, staying on track with eating whole real food becomes so much easier if that’s something that your not used to. Dietary changes are the real hero behind any challenge results. Being prepared can also be a huge factor.

My biggest tips for meal prep consist of simplicity! SIMPLICITY! Do not over complicate it! Have simple delicious food on hand to stop that wandering mind. Its never too late to get organised and any prep is better then no prep. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is that you prep, just ensure you do something your future self will thank you for, and if you are too tempted when there are discretionary foods around, make sure you leave them at the store, that way your not having to say no every time you open your cupboard.

The most essential thing to know when starting a challenge is that you can't out train a bad diet. I see it so often people eating things, and then punishing themselves for it at the gym, or by starving themselves which is not conducive to a healthy relationship with food, but its also not necessary. If you eat something that’s a little off track, don’t beat yourself up or dwell on it, just get back on track next meal, 1 snack, or 1 meal out of a probable 35 meals in a week, isn’t a big deal. Your diet is the biggest component of any weight loss regime.
Focusing on whole, real food and not over complicating it is going to be your biggest players when committing to a challenge!
Do it for yourself, because you DESERVE IT!
By Bridget Hunt
Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc)
FitazFK Ambassador
To keep up to date with Bridget's journey, her hacks and tips and tricks to conquering your meal prep. Follow her here. 
  1. Hallgren, M., Herring, M. P., Owen, N., Dunstan, D., Ekblom, Ö., Helgadottir, B., ... & Forsell, Y. (2016). Exercise, physical activity, and sedentary behavior in the treatment of depression: broadening the scientific perspectives and clinical opportunities. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 7, 36.


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