Next Level FitazFK Transformations

Next Level FitazFK Transformations
Before and afters are by far the best way to compare your progress and see how far you've come! We encourage all of our community who use our 28 day and 8 week guide to send through their incredible transformations! 
Here's a line up of transformations using the FitazFK method that we are so FKING proud of!

Thessy.K - 8 Week Challenge Results
The beginning til the end of my FitazFK post pregnancy weight loss journey. Well guys, I did it!!! I am getting married in 2 days and I am so happy that I've reached my goals of 53kgs. The photo on the left was 66kgs and on the right is 53kgs - I lost a total of 13kgs using the FitazFK method and a total of 23kgs since having Zani. I'm so proud of the efforts I put in, the challenges I faced and the obstacles I overcame. The sacrifice and discipline needed to achieve this is extremely challenging but the reward from the outcome is a feeling I'll never forget. 


Georgia.B - 8 Week Challenge Results
I initially set myself a goal of 5kgs as I knew I was attending an interstate wedding over the weekend (last day of the challenge). I exceeded my own expectations and was able to:
10.2 kgs weight loss 
12cm off waist 
15cm off hips 
I am overwhelmed with joy looking at my before and after photos. I can't believe how far I've come in such a short amount of time and can honestly say I feel the happiest, healthiest, strongest and fittest I've ever felt in my life. I am so proud of myself for sticking to the challenge and being able to see such incredible results in such a short time. I've still got another 10kgs to go to get back to my pre pregnancy weight but I'm feeling so much better about myself and more comfortable in my skin. Not to mention my mental health has improved so much.


Nicole. B - 8 Week Challenge Results 
On the left I was bloated and unfit. On the right I'm 8 weeks in using the FitazFK 8 Week Challenge as a guide. Results are as follows:
Body fat decrease - 3.5%
Waist decrease - 7.9cm
Hip decrease - 3.4cm
Muscle gain - 0.6kg 
I started this challenge to break through a vicious chronic pain cycle. I was a beginner with fitness for the first time in 4.5 years. It was so hard to go through that experience, but it taught me SO much. We ALL begin somewhere, and if you're CONSISTENT and put in the work, you can achieve anything. I used the FitazFK 8 Week Challenge as a guide and a tool for motivation. I tailored it to suit my body and lifestyle - counting calories and exercising on days I could; and then still being mindful of what I was eating while socialising, and fitting in squats and extra steps where I could on busy days. 


Eloise.S - 8 Week Challenge Results
No, but seriously, I was actually shocked with how much difference there is in these photos. I knew I was feeling better, less bloated, more toned and my clothes were feeling looser. 
But with the scales only budging a little bit, I wasn't sure if I would actually see much difference. If I'm completely honest, with all the craziness life has thrown at me the last couple of months, I didn't really stick to the challenge 100%, yet I still achieved results I am super STOKED with. Most importantly I feel healthier and I'm loving exercising again. 
I highly recommend this program if you are in need of a kickstart, fun exercises and a bit of motivation to get active again!!


If you have already completed or are completing any of our guides, make sure to send in your before and afters! We love seeing you smash your goals! 


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