Mindset tips when starting your Transform program

Mindset tips when starting your Transform program

It might seem strange to focus on mindset when you are thinking about starting a fitness program - but the reality is, committing to and sticking to any new habit is just as much to do with your mindset and whether you FEEL like doing it as it is taking the action itself.

You know that moment when you have set yourself a goal and you have something to action that day but you just don’t feel like doing it? It all comes down to mindset! 

So often, actually achieving your health and wellbeing goals comes down to also focusing on your mindset and changing your thinking patterns or habits so that you actually WANT to be choosing you every day!

Here are 5 tips to change your mindset today:

Get organised

Be clear on what organisation looks like to you. Certainty is one of our 6 Human Psychological needs, so any certainty or routine you can create for yourself will help you to feel more confident and comfortable in actually starting!

Maybe being organised for you is putting your workout clothes next to your bed of an evening ready for your morning working. It could be purchasing new workout equipment, writing out your to-do list each day or planning out your week on a Sunday evening with meal planning done and workouts scheduled in ready for the new week ahead. Whatever certainty, routine and feeling organised looks like to you, the more often you do it, the better you will feel!

Be flexible

Just because you have scheduled in your workout at a certain time doesn’t mean it’s always going to happen perfectly. Why? Because life isn’t perfect! There’s curve balls that can get thrown, work that can come up, kids schedules and just the plain busyness of your days.

Yes, be organised, but also remind yourself that you are not a robot, you are a human and things aren’t always going to go according to plan. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to give up on that day or that week all together - be flexible with yourself and your expectations. Is there somewhere else in your day that you can prioritise moving or nourishing your body well?

Get an accountability buddy

Having someone to keep accountable with means you are more likely to keep on track, improve your productivity and take action on what you say you are going to do! You’re also a lot less likely to buy in to your own excuses if you know there’s someone else to answer to.

Whether it’s a friend, family member or someone in the Transform community - tell someone about your goals for the week, ask them to check in with you in a few days and notice how your motivation and action changes!

Connect to your why

Having an emotional connection to the real reason why you are completing the program will help you to push through on the days that feel hard. It will also help you to ‘jump back onboard’ when you feel like you’ve fallen off track

I have run a group coaching session on this in the facebook group, you can watch the session here to get deeper than surface level and connect to your emotional why.

Be proud of yourself with each action that you take

It’s easy to focus on the big goal or the next action step - but don’t let that take the focus away from what you are actually already doing and every action you are already taking. 

Every time to choose to make a positive step in the right direction towards your health, fitness and mental wellbeing goals you are choosing to prioritise you. In this same way, you could also be choosing NOT to take action! So be proud of yourself along the way, not just at the end achievement.

And if you would like a podcast episode to listen to, take a listen to this episode here:

Ami Rankin - Emotional Wellbeing Coach
IG: @ami_rankin


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