Level 1 - How to Perform Your Workouts

Level 1 - How to Perform Your Workouts

Alright, now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and do the work!
Making positive and healthy changes requires motivation, discipline and determination. Sounds scary right? But you’ve made the choice to put yourself first, nourish every single cell in your body with wholesome goodness and fuel your brain with the energy that it needs! Making that decision was the hardest part and you’ve already made it – here you are!
Now we’re here to provide you with the energy, guidance and support to radically change how you live your life every day.
First up, let’s talk all things training!
How it works? 
Each week you will complete:
3 strength sessions.
1 HIIT session.
1 interval running/cardio.
Why it works?
Through the experience of training tens of thousands of women – from all over the world - we know the importance of strength training when it comes to a person’s weight loss journey. It’s non-negotiable!
We have strategically incorporated intensity protocols into our strength training sessions to help you feel fit, empowered, and energised. Combine this with our HIIT and Interval sessions and you have the perfect recipe for success.
Test yourself first.
Before you begin, you should complete the burpee test within the app, as it’s the easiest way to identify and measure your level of fitness at the start of the program. You’re required to perform this test during the on-boarding stage of the program.
This test will identify your fitness level which then determines how many reps of each exercise you will complete during each workout. Now, if you choose not to undertake this fitness test, simply pick your perceived fitness level so our app can give you the right volume for each workout.
But - don’t forget - you can always re-test your fitness levels! We suggest trying again halfway through the program - or if you feel the sessions are becoming too easy.
Burpee test: do 1 minute of burpees and keep count of how many you completed
Your fitness level is as follows:
<12 reps = beginner
12-16 reps = intermediate
16> advanced
Train safe
It’s always important to take time to really tune into your body and perform this program safely.
This will help avoid injuries and setbacks on your fitness journey.
1. Be aware of your body: If a certain exercise feels unnatural or painful, contact our support team of trainers by sending us an email: support@fitazfk.com. Remember, poor form is one of the main causes of exercise injury so, if necessary, we want to help you correct it asap.
2. You know your limits: If the resistance you’re working with feels too heavy to complete your minimum repetitions, weigh it down a notch (literally!).
3. Hydrate: Stay hydrated throughout the day - but particularly during and after your workout. We cannot stress this enough! If you’re the type to neglect h20, check out our tips in our nutrition plan so you get the correct water intake every day.
4. New mums and training: New mums and training: If you’re a new mum or have experienced any complications post-pregnancy, you must be cleared to start exercising by your doctor.
If you’re experiencing difficulty performing an exercise, check to see if there is a scaled version in the information section of that specific exercise. And of course, feel free to reach out to the team or ask a question on the Transform Together Facebook Group page.
What equipment do i need?
Training with TRANSFORM is simple. We’ve designed this program to be completed with minimal equipment and from anywhere – be it at home, at the gym, in a hotel room, at the park, or your BFF’s house.
Here are the specifics:
phase 1: Towel, bench/step/or box to around 30-40cm of height.
phase 2: Towel, Fitazfk equipment (Resistance bands, Booty bands, Power bands,
Gliders and skipping rope) and bench/step/or box to around 30-40cm of height.
phase 3: Dumbbells, Towel, Fitazfk equipment (Resistance bands, Booty bands, Power bands, Gliders and skipping rope) and bench/step/or box to around 30-40cm of height.
**Please note: You can purchase Transform with Equipment or without, if you purchase with, ours will be sent to you. If you purchase without, this would mean you already have the equipment at home or access to it. Both programs need the same equipment. 
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