"I don't have time to workout..."

"I don't have time to workout..."

If you're considering starting your fitness journey, you may have caught yourself saying "I don't have enough time" ...
We're here to bust that myth open and show you, you DO have time, and you CAN do this for yourself.
We have many mums (some brand new mummas) wanting to join Transform, but are worried they won't have the time. They message us from all locations, all having different living/working situations, all with the same concern. The one thing we all have in common is that we all have 24 hours in a day.
So let's pretend we have a busy working mum of 2 kids under 4 (4 years old, and 2 year old), we will call her Kate.
Let's say Kate is one of the lucky mums who gets 8 hours sleep a night (!!)
24-8 = 16 hours left
Kate drives an hour to and from work each day, which includes dropping the kids at kindy/care.
16-2 = 14 hours left
Kate works 8 hours a day (super woman)
14-8 = 6 hours left
Getting herself & the kids ready in the morning.. let's say 1.5 hours
4.5 hours left
When Kate gets home she cooks dinner & prepares the kids lunches for the next day, bath time & spends quality time with kids & hubby.
Let's give her 3 hours to do this.
Kate still has 1.5 hours spare to workout. Great news is Transform workouts are only 28 minutes!
We personally think it's more sustainable to workout before the kids wake up or late at night once they are in bed if you're a night owl. This may mean sacrificing half an hour less sleep some days, but as you can see above even with 8 hours sleep, and a massive day at work, you can still fit in 28 minutes.
We've all been guilty of genuinely believing we don't have enough time. We get so caught up in our day to day, that we forget how much time we spend on social media in the morning or after work, or watching our favourite show on Netflix every night. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these things as this may be a way for you to relax and switch off. However, if these habits are standing in your way of taking that next step to rediscover your love for fitness, your energy, your vitality... then it's time to have a look at what you can remove to make way for a healthier habit. We even have some Transform mummas working out in their lunch break at work!
(Click the photo below to read how Tori does just that!)
You would have heard the saying, "you can't pour from an empty cup". It's time to prioritise your health so you can show up daily as the very best version of you, not only for yourself but for your family. When you exercise regularly, you feel good, you have more energy, and you feel accomplished. If you still believe you can't spare yourself 28 minutes, ask yourself why. Write down anything at all that's taking 30 minutes of your day that you can remove.
You deserve it and it's time to believe that.
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