How well do you know your cycle?

How well do you know your cycle?

We get so many messages from our Transform Community asking if they can rest during their period, some feel flat leading up to their period or worried that they fluctuate through the month and associate this with progress.
Some find period chat confronting BUT it's real. We can't avoid our period, so in support of Women's Health Week, why not get to know your cycle better & create a better relationship with your body?
We are sharing @risingwoman break down of the monthly cycle in seasons to give you some reassurance on how you feel week by week every month, and know these ebs and flows are NORMAL.
Week 1 - INNER WINTER (around day 1-6 of your menstrual cycle when you're bleeding)
The bleeding phase of your cycle is the time where your energy and hormones are at an all time low. Most women when left to their own devices will take more rest on the first few days of their moon time. This means it's ok to rest during your program, especially in those initial 2 days when pain may be present for some. You can always make up your workouts on a rest day at the end of the week. A gentle walk outside may be more what you need at this time. Learning to be self-loving during this time is the healthiest behaviour we can adopt for ourselves and our families.
Week 2: INNER SPRING – Around day 7-13 when you’re in the pre-ovulation phase.
This is when you're going to start feeling good, and probably catch yourself in the mirror and think, I'm looking pretty good right now! This is an optimal time to dedicate focused time to projects, reading and researching, learning, and performing physical tasks. You might find this is the best time to move, or to take on a challenge. 
Week 3: INNER SUMMER– Around day 14-21 during your ovulation phase.
Summer week is the most enjoyable time for taking care of children, offering friends support and having lots of sex with your partner, with caution of course, because while pleasure is heightened at this time, so is your fertility.
Week 4: Inner Fall – Around day 22-29 during your luteal phase (winding down again).
A woman might notice herself feeling more inward at this time. She may become agitated by excessive demands placed upon her, craving more spaciousness and time alone. This is where you may start to notice a lack of motivation, especially with your workouts. If you need to slow the workouts down, you can. Changing up the location of your workout may also help. Just know you can always make up any days missed on your rest days later in the week, or leading up to this time if you struggle with energy and motivation leading up to your bleed.
Post inspired & info by @risingwoman blog "4 archetypes of the female cycle" Check it out for an educational read on ancient wisdom on the female cycle.
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