Embrace the Freedom! Why We Don’t Track Calories during Transform

Embrace the Freedom! Why We Don’t Track Calories during Transform

In a world filled with weight loss challenges that often emphasise calorie counting and rigid, bland meal plans, it was important to us when creating our Transform challenges to do things a little differently!

While we don’t view calorie counting as a bad practice, we do understand that it is a strategy that may not be the most realistic or sustainable option for everyone. Because of this, our community will not track calories during their Transform challenges and we’re here to explain why this approach can help individuals find success in their weight loss journey. 

A Realistic Approach to Nutrition

One of the main reasons we chose to not offer a structured and set meal plan is because we understand that they can be quite unrealistic for busy mums and women out there. These traditional meal plans often come with strict guidelines and honestly, bland, boring food choices. 

We know that this probably isn’t sustainable for most people and that is why we provide something different - a flexible nutrition plan that empowers our community to make choices that work for each individual's unique lifestyle!

The Transform Recipe Library and Meal Builder

Our Transform nutrition plan grants you access to our incredible Transform recipe library and meal builder!

This means you can select delicious recipes or create your own meals, all while staying within our portion sizes and nutrition goals. 

We believe that you should be able to enjoy the food you love without feeling like you're deviating from your plan and we’re proud to see that our Transform nutrition method and it’s flexibility allows you to make choices that align with your personal tastes and preferences, making it easier for you to stick to your goals. 

Focus on Quality and Portion Control

While a calorie deficit is essential for weight loss, we understand that not everyone wants to obsessively count calories. Instead, during Transform we focus on portion control and the quality of food we are consuming. 

Transform does not focus on specific calorie counts for each individual but provides an approximate amount that creates a generalised calorie deficit that works for most people. 

We have found by shifting the focus away from calorie counting and to portion control, we aim to help you develop a healthier relationship with food!

A Healthy Relationship with Food

At Fitaz, we believe in promoting a healthy relationship with food and unfortunately, calorie counting, can sometimes lead to a negative mindset where food becomes a source of stress rather than enjoyment.

When designing our Transform programs, it was our goal to ensure that you can enjoy your meals without the constant worry of calorie counting.

Through focusing on the quality of your choices and the size of your portions, we aim to help you establish a positive, sustainable, and most importantly, enjoyable relationship with food. 

Behind-the-Scenes Support

We want to make it clear that a calorie deficit is indeed necessary for weight loss, and it’s an integral part of our program.

However, we’ve made sure to take care of all the technicalities behind the scenes, ensuring that you’re in a calorie deficit without needing to track it meticulously.

We have found this approach allows our community to focus on:

  • Their personal transformation goals
  • Ability to enjoy their meals
  • Build a healthier relationship with food! 

Our approach to nutrition during Transform may be a departure from what you’ve seen in other programs or what you hear and see in the media and online, but we firmly believe that it is more realistic, sustainable, and enjoyable to achieve your weight loss goals.

By emphasising the quality of food, portion sizes, and a healthy relationship with food, we empower you to make long lasting changes that extend far beyond the 8 weeks of Transform. 

For a glimpse of the incredible nutrition options available in our program, head over to our Instagram @fitazfk and checkout the mouthwatering recipes we’ve shared. 

If you are looking to rediscover yourself, we invite you to join us on this journey toward a healthier, happier you, free from the constraints of calorie counting. 

Love Fitaz.

Written by Community Manager and Marketing Assistant, Courtney Moane.

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