Breastfeeding and the TRANSFORM Program

Breastfeeding and the TRANSFORM Program

Breastfeeding is a unique time for a woman’s nutritional needs. Eating a range of high quality, nutrient dense foods is important for maintaining your health and energy levels and to assist with milk production for your baby. Your hydration needs also increase to so drinking enough water based on the climate and your activity levels is a priority.

The TRANSFORM nutrition guide can be used by breastfeeding mothers. The guide is based on including a wide variety of foods from the core food groups – vegetables, fruit, wholegrains and legumes, meat and alternatives, dairy/non-dairy products and healthy fats.

If you are breastfeeding and intend to follow the nutrition guide, we would recommend aligning your eating pattern with the information included in Phase 3 plus the addition of an extra piece of fruit and one extra carbohydrate serve. This will provide additional micronutrients and energy to maintain milk supply. Should you notice any changes or have concerns prior to using the guide, a discussion with a medical practitioner is recommended.

In addition, the National Health and Medical Research Council recommend that all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers take an iodine supplement of 150 micrograms per day. This amount of iodine may be met with a general multivitamin supplement aimed a pregnant and breastfeeding women. You should seek advice from a medical practitioner before taking a supplement if you have any pre-existing thyroid conditions.

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