3 Ways to Keep Your Sugar Cravings at Bay - Our Tips and Tricks

3 Ways to Keep Your Sugar Cravings at Bay - Our Tips and Tricks

Do you always find yourself craving a sugary snack during the day? Or you find yourself grabbing a can of soft drink from the fridge when you feel yourself deflating in the afternoon? Do you find yourself heading to the cupboard after dinner for a sweet treat?
If so, you are not alone! 
While a sugary snack can quickly satisfy that hunger and give your body a short-term energy boost - they tend to leave your body wanting more.
There are many reasons why we crave sugar but they are often caused by two things:
  • Eating high GI or a high glycemic index - especially your first meal of the day when cortisol levels are at their highest. This creates a peak through scenario and causes dips in energy levels and sugar cravings.
  • Not consuming enough food. These cravings can often be a way of or body telling us it needs energy and it knows that energy is a quick fix.
The taste of sugar releases endorphins that instantly calm and relax us which offers us a natural high. It also just tastes good too! So it’s no surprise why when we’re doing our weekly grocery shopping we gravitate towards the lolly aisle and pick up our favourite sweets. 
But how can we stop those sugar cravings in the future? Keep reading for our tips and tricks to keep your sweet tooth in check!
1. Eat nutritious, healthy foods that will keep you satisfied!
Eating a filling and nutritionally balanced meal will keep you fuller for longer and you will find yourself not needing that extra pick-me-up later on in the day. Our Transform with Thessy Program includes a nutrition plan that has been developed in collaboration with an amazing dietitian who has over 10 years of experience. We focus on a Mediterranean diet that is considered one of the oldest, and healthiest diets in the world. Research shows that a Mediterranean diet is associated with improved weight loss, controlled blood sugar levels, and reduced inflammation and reduced risk of heart disease. Knowing how to nourish your body and create balanced meals will help you reduce those post-meal sugar cravings.
2. Try some healthy substitutes
We’ll let you in on a little secret… There are so many healthy whole foods that can curb that sugar craving you are experiencing. When you find yourself reaching for an afternoon snack try having a herbal tea or a fruit smoothie instead. You can also treat yourself to a fruit salad or add ⅕ cup pomegranate juice to some ice cold water for a sweet and refreshing drink with no added sugar. For those that are sparkle obsessed add some sparkling water instead! Our Transform nutrition plan also has some great healthy snacks that will impress any sweet tooth including our Froyo Berry Bites, our Lemon Coconut Energy Balls, and our Cinnamon Chia Pudding.
3. Eat regularly!
When we aren’t eating a healthy, balanced diet our body tends to crave foods that provide a fast fix. Incorporating whole foods - that include a variety of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats - regularly throughout the day provide your body with the energy it needs to keep up with the demands of your lifestyle. Get yourself in the habit of eating a balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner with some healthy snacks along the way.
Remember, go easy on yourself!
"One bad meal doesn't break a 'diet', and one good meal doesn't make a diet" - don't be so harsh on yourself if you do have something that isn't within the guidelines. 
It may take a bit of time to have some control over your sugar cravings, and that’s normal. Put in the effort and be determined to change your life for the better and you will do just fine. 
By Courtney Moane.
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