The FitazFK Teams Top Tips to Staying on Track This Festive Season!

The FitazFK Teams Top Tips to Staying on Track This Festive Season!

With the festive season approaching, we are getting a lot of questions about how to stay on track with your goals, but still maintain a social life!
The team here at FitazFK have given you access to their personal tips to staying on track on holidays or over the festive season, and it's all good news - you can still have a life & not let all your hard work go to waste. Check out these tips and tricks below and see what works for you! 
Aaron - "My number 1 tips is committing to doing something small every day. I use this on holidays swell. It allows me to enjoy the festive season but still maintain my vitality"
Georgio - "My tip is to schedule one bit of movement every day. This doesn't need to be a massive workout that takes up your time, it could literally be a 10 minute express session, morning yoga, a walk on the beach or even a walk with the fam. Try and do this in the morning so you then have the rest of your day free. By focusing on the movement aspect you will find yourself subconsciously making right food choices all while enjoying your festive season with loved ones".
Ami - "My number 1 tip is to try not to get stuck in the All or Nothing mindset of 'Well, I've ruined the day / week now, I've failed I might as well just go all out.'
You can still enjoy yourself in moderation, just because you have one drink or a few pieces of chocolate doesn't mean you've ruined the day or that you're a bad person. Rather than beating yourself up over it, actually enjoy it - savour it and move on to enjoying the time with friends and family and being present and in the moment with them. Oh and also, meal prep! That saying 'If you fail to plan then you plan to fail' is literally me".
Macca - "My top tips are:
  1. Move your body for 30 minutes a day over the festive season. Whether its a workout, walk, ride, swim, playing with the kids at the park, walking the dog etc.
  2. My favourite saying; one good meal doesn't make a 'diet' and one bad meal doesn't break a 'diet' remember that!
  3. If you know you are going to have a night out or a 'blow out' ensure you have the following days after sorted with prepped meals and workouts scheduled to keep you accountable to your goals".

Liz - "My tip is to enjoy the celebration, don’t overthink it. Check in with yourself to see if you really feel like that food or drink. If you do go for it! If not then hold off. The next day get back on track and add some extra fruit and vegetables to your day - and plan to be active. If the occasion requires you to bring food to share I like going for a healthy option like fruit kebab sticks, or a dip platter with crunchy veg or a show stopping salad. It means there is a healthy choice available for balance".
Christina - "My tip is to be intuitive and stay as active as possible. Before you eat something, think to yourself 'am I actually hungry or am I eating for the sake of it'? This often helps me stay clear of over-eating to point of feeling ill. I schedule time to be active in my day as a non-negotiable. This could be getting in a workout, going for a walk, swim, hike with friends. While it can be difficult to stay motivated some times, I know that I will always feel better for moving my body which is where your mind comes into play"
Rhi - "My tip to stay on track is to live by the 80/20 rule. 80% good healthy choices & 20% leniency. With this rule I never have to beat myself up when I have a few drinks or eat a rich meal out at a restaurant because it's not an every day, every meal thing. I'm a big lover of "sweets" so I always reach for a healthier alternative like a good quality dark chocolate or a raw treat if I am out somewhere and feel like something "naughty". I move my body every single day, even if it's just a walk for 30-45 minutes. For the busy mums out there, you could use this time as a walk with your family to connect in the afternoon or playing a game of ball with the kids at the park. I try always achieve 10,000 steps per day to make sure I've moved around enough to keep my body healthy. I also view exercise as an appointment that I can't move. It's a non negotiable for me not to move my body in some way even if it is just that daily walk. I honestly believe it's my therapy. That daily walk is a time I get to myself to sort out my thoughts & plan ahead! Walking is also something you can do on holidays to explore and see new locations"
Let us know your tips & tricks in our Facebook Group Community! 
Stay safe & have a Merry Christmas!
Big love from the Fitaz Fam xx
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