4 ways to set yourself up for success with Transform Postpartum

4 ways to set yourself up for success with Transform Postpartum

The Postpartum journey can be a wild ride - one minute you're feeling on top of the world and like you're getting a whole list of to-do's and 'Mum life' things done and the next you're feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by what feels like never ending tabs open in your brain and not enough time.
Mindset is a huge aspect of Parenthood and impacts every area of life from relationships and home life all the way through to your health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

Wherever you are in your Postpartum journey, whether it's a few weeks, a few months or a few years in - here's 4 mindset tips to help keep you feeling on track, accomplished, healthier and happy:

1) Set your goal and connect to your real why

When first setting a goal, most of the time the first reason why that comes to mind is surface level. Yes, that is relevant to you, but go deeper to realise the real reason why this goal is important to you and it will help to keep you feeling motivated and on track even on the days that feel hard.
Write out your goal eg. 'Complete the Transform Postpartum 6 week program.'
Then answer these 3 questions: 
- What specifically does this look like for me to fit this into my life each week?
- Why is this important to me?
- When I am taking action, how am I going to feel?

2) Notice expectations

Unfortunately Parenthood comes with a lot of outside influences which means there are a lot of things happening in your days that are outside of your control. The biggest of these being a child or children! Trying to control things outside of you leads to feelings like frustration and overwhelm. The key is to notice when you feel a big feeling like frustration coming up for you and ask yourself whether this thing is within your control. Is it within you or outside of you?
Children have a way of throwing a spanner in what seems like even the most simple of tasks or days. Maybe you had planned to do your workout at 6:30am before the kids wake up and they've woken at 5:30am that day or you wanted to move your body at lunch time but your baby has decided to cluster feed and you can't put them down.
Notice that the expectation is that an activity was going to take place at a certain time, but that hasn't been possible. 
Come back to the now, accept the situation for what it is and re-assess your expectations. Push your goal or action for the day back and feel some frustration dissipating as you are more present.

3) Don't get stuck in the comparison trap

It's so easy to compare to others - on Social Media, in your friendship group, even the 'old version' of you. You aren't the same person you were last week, last month or last year so how can you hold yourself to those same standards? Yes, maybe a past version of you was fitter or had a different body shape. Maybe someone else on Social Media seems to have things easier. But getting stuck in the comparison trap is only going to lead you to feel frustrated.
As above, come back to the present moment and ask yourself what you can action right now.

4) Use the mindful minute at the end of your Transform workout to show yourself gratitude

There's a minute of gratitude and mindfulness in our cool down for a reason! Life is busy and it would be easy to choose not to prioritise your movement or nutrition, so each time you do make time for you sit, breathe and show yourself gratitude. By showing up for you and prioritising yourself you are taking steps to fill up your own cup, as well as everyone else's in your life that you already focus on!

Author: Ami Rankin, Mindset & Emotional Intelligence Coach

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