FitazFK Power Bands

$39 AUD

Lift your way to your dream bod all year round with these FKing epic Power Bands! With three levels of resistance they’re perfect for all fitness levels and easily adaptable to your workout. Power bands are a traveller’s best friend as they’re light weight and easily stored in a suitcase (no weights needed!!).

FK excuses! What are you waiting for?! Get your dream body now!


  • Allows you to complete strength-based workouts without the heavy weights! (perfect for travellers!)
  • Easily adaptable to your fitness level!
  • Inexpensive way to complete resistance-based workouts.
  • Can easily be combined with other equipment (such as weights) to increase intensity.
  • Perfect to either add resistance or to aid in completing a difficulty exercise; EG - chin ups, add the power band to assist you with your pull ups. 

The 4-piece set comes with:
3 x Resistance Bands
1 x Carry Bag

Difficulty levels:
Lilac – Beginner
Coral Red – Intermediate
Black – Advanced

OR combine them to really step it up!!