104,396 women can’t be wrong.

Join the movement and use the FitazFK method to be your best self.

Your complete plan.

All the training programs and fitness equipment you need to achieve that banging beach bod.

Nutrition made easy.

Convenient wholefood breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options created for you by dietitians.


Made me love working out!

This challenge is super easy to navigate, the three different difficulty levels help you to to see how you’re improving and motivate you to push yourself further! Easy to follow diet regimes with detailed descriptions of workouts that can help anyone! I saw amazing results and have never felt better!


Fitaz Lifestyle

Honestly, following the diet and workouts from Fitaz first was something I started as a “diet”. But it’s evolved for me into the way I live - I basically follow the nutritional guide for most days & stay healthy. I’ve been doing Fitaz for years and really feel that the program is sustainable - definitely would recommend to anyone.

Jessica C