These Before & Afters Are Proof The FitazFK Method Works!

These Before & Afters Are Proof The FitazFK Method Works!

You know what they say... a picture says a thousand words! And ain't that the truth. 

Whether you are thinking about embarking on your own Fitaz in 28 Day journey or you're half way through your challenge, one of our favourite FitazFK "hacks" to help you stay accountable throughout your experience is taking a BEFORE & AFTER photo. 

Taking a BEFORE photo, helps you stay accountable throughout the 28 days and is a great tool to use to stay motivated when some of those days seem unbearable. 

And we've got the proof in the pudding! Scroll down for some fking awesome motivation and killer before and after pics from our girls in our FitazFK Army Facebook Group. 

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