The Ultimate Morning Routine

The Ultimate Morning Routine
I'd like to think that the morning is the MOST important & productive part of the day. With a fresh mind & rested body you're good to go to smash through all the important tasks! Take advantage of your mornings by putting a morning routine in place that you love, to make the most of the A.M.! 
1. Wake up early & expose your body to natural light 
Waking up earlier gives you more hours in the day to get shit done! You won't only have more time on your hands but you'll also have better brain function- a necessity for productivity. 
In conjunction with waking up early you need to expose your body to natural light (AKA sunshine!!!). This will help your body to recognise it's no longer in a state of sleep as well as get those endorphins flowing! 



2. Exercise & hydrate 
Upon waking your body tends to be really stiff & often a little sluggish as it's still waking up. Exercise (or if you're not a morning workout person - stretching) is a great way to get your blood flowing & TBH, feel FKING amazing!
Drink up! Having a glass of water first thing in the morning gets the whole process going. I find it helps to relax your muscles - so if you are working out first thing - it's kind of a good idea to drink that water & get some fluid back in those muscles to avoid muscle pain & injury. 


3. Goals, affirmations & gratitude 
Taking a few minutes in the morning to set goals, write affirmations & take not of what you're grateful for will have you in a clear headspace for the day ahead & put you in a creative state (that's where all the magic happens)! Your goals for the day could be things you want to accomplish whether that be personal or work related, you could even just write a nice simple to do list!
As for your affirmations & gratitude I like to think of them as a tool for self reflection & growth! We can get so caught up in the craziness of life that we often forget to be thankful for everything around us. Take note of all those amazing things in your life, you won't only be in a good mood from it but it might also give you some inspo of things you want to do with your life & achieve.




4. Fuel your body 
Whether you eat earlier or later in the A.M you need to fuel your body with all the right nutrients it needs to have a constant state of energy throughout the day. Ideally a well balanced breakfast is the way to go! Make sure your first meal of the day has some form of carb, protein & fat as well as some micros too (so vitamins & minerals). Do this & I promise your energy levels will be consistent all day!


5. Get glam for the day ahead 
Girl get out of those pj's & throw on a cute nice outfit, because let's face it, you aren't going to get anything done besides lounge around if you're still in your jammies! Have a shower, do your hair, put some makeup on & feel yourself. You get more done when you feel good about yourself as you tend to be in a much happier mood which means you're going to inclined to get things done! 


Take the time to develop a morning routine that works in well with your lifestyle & work life. You can use this morning routine as inspo & add as many or little steps as you like! 
- Summer (@_summerjane)