The Top Activewear Trends to Stay on Point at the Gym

The Top Activewear Trends to Stay on Point at the Gym
We know there’s no better motivation to hit the gym than spanking new activewear. So we’re here to make sure your look is on point at the gym with the latest FitazFK trends. We don’t usually mean to toot our own horn (okay, maybe we do), but we’re super proud with our final product, and we can’t wait to share it with you!
It took us over 18 months to perfect sample after to sample to bring you the best activewear on the market. We know you’ll fall in love with our latest looks just as much as we have. From bike shorts to crop tops, logomania to killer accessories, here’s what’s hot right now in activewear.

Bike shorts
1982, is that you? Revived from the depths of the 80s, bike shorts are back baby! Not just for cycling #duh, the cropped length makes them ideal for warmer workout sessions like Bikram yoga, tennis or cardio. This season’s modernised, longer line styles are not only flattering on the body, but they’re comfy AF.
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The logo trend is still going strong, but just be sure you do it with style. Think vintage decals and track-inspired branding on sport bras, waistbands, jumpers and on legging to showcase your athletic side and of course your favourite brand (aka us!).
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In the US, UK and AUS, black, grey and whites are the most favoured colour for new activewear products, holding almost 28% of the colour palette. So it was pretty easy when we were designing to stick to what peeps want - monochrome. If you’re looking for activewear that’ll never go out of style, stick to monochrome colours - not only are they extremely flattering, but you can mix and match them with almost anything.
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Crop top
Haven’t quite worked out how to wear a crop top yet? Let us help you. The shrunken style has been going strong for many a summer (and winter, actually). And fear not — just because the top is short, doesn’t mean abs of steel are an essential prerequisite for styling out this now-staple wardrobe addition.
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Chunky sneakers
Say goodbye to minimalism in footwear, chunky sneakers are the big, stomping footwear trend that won’t take a backwards step. On the fence about them? From the likes of Balenciaga, Prada, Maison Margiela and Versace - this trend is alive and kicking and here to stay. On the comfort side, they feel like you’re actually walking on clouds, and super flattering on slimming down your legs, too.

Reusable water bottle
Reusable water bottles are not only great for staying hydrated, they also prevent you buying single-use plastic #savetheplanet. And besides, they’re the best gym accessory! There are so many bottle options available, but it’s no surprise we prefer our SlimazFK water bottle, which is designed to fit where other water bottles don’t. A6 in size, slim (obvs) and, BPA free, it’s almost (we said, almost) just as sexy as the hottie drinking from it.

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